This Linux-Based Smartphone Will Keep You Completely Anonymous

This Linux-Based Smartphone Will Keep You Completely Anonymous


We are being constantly monitored through the devices and apps we use on a regular basis. One of the biggest ways of surveillance is our smartphone and the majority of users are divided between two — Android and iOS. But there is a new Linux-based smartphone dubbed Volla Phone on Kickstarter, that rethinks the entire approach to how we use our smartphones and all its features are based around protecting user anonymity. Volla Phone uses Nemo Mobile that is based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) that promised increased security and privacy features. Volla Phone also promises to support an alternative, free, and open-source operation system like Ubuntu Touch. The phone contains neither Google Apps nor Google Play Services. In case you need any Android app, you can install them via an anonymous App Store.

Submitted by: Arfried Walbrecht



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