SUSE, The First Enterprise Linux Company, Is Again Independent

SUSE, The First Enterprise Linux Company, Is Again Independent


SUSE was the world’s first company to market Linux for the enterprise customers; it also drives the development of the popular openSUSE Linux distribution.
Over the years, the company’s ownership has changed quite a few times. Just yesterday, the company announced that once again it’s an independent open source company.
It’s worth noting that SUSE is currently involved in more than 100 open source projects and it serves thousands of companies around the world.
In an official blog post, SUSE proclaimed that it’s now the “the largest independent open source company” as a result of the completion of SUSE’s acquisition by growth investor EQT from Micro Focus for $2.5 billion. This claim in the open source world is an important one given the fact that IBM bought Red Hat for $34 billion.
Earlier, in 2004, SUSE was acquired by Novell. It was followed by Novell’s acquisition by The Attachmate Group in 2011 and the merger of Micro Focus and The Attachmate Group in 2014.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht



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