Ethical Hacking, Ubuntu-Based BackBox Linux OS Is Now Available on AWS

Ethical Hacking, Ubuntu-Based BackBox Linux OS Is Now Available on AWS


If you want to run BackBox Linux in the cloud, on your AWS account, you should know that the ethical hacking operating system is now available on the Amazon Web Services cloud platform as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) virtual appliance that you can install with a few mouse clicks.
The BackBox Linux operating system promises to offer Amazon Web Services users an optimal environment for professional penetration testing operations as it puts together a collection of some of the best ethical hacking tools, which are already configured and ready for production use.
The BackBox Linux team promises reliable access to your virtual server on Amazon Web Services (AWS) at any given time. They provide custom configurations for each instance, which allow you to have all the resources you need for your work for top-notch performance, high reliability, and availability.
BackBox Linux on AWS is currently only available to BackBox members, so those of you interested in installing it are required to pre-register on the official website. If you’re not interested in running BackBox Linux in the cloud on Amazon Web Services, you can always install it on your personal computer.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht



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