Entroware Launches Ubuntu Linux AIO PC With 6-Core Intel CPU

Entroware Launches Ubuntu Linux AIO PC With 6-Core Intel CPU


All-in-one PC is a pretty cool thing for people short on space or who simply prefer a neat desk. And just in case you are a Linux fan too, we have some good news for you!
The UK-based PC manufacturer Entroware, which specializes in custom Linux systems, has launched the new Ares PC. This all-in-one PC is shipped with Ubuntu or Ubuntu MATE, and is great for home, office, business, and classrooms use.
AIO PCs like the 24″ Ares pack all the components of a traditional computer into the monitor housing; their all parts are tucked behind the display in a sleek design.
The base model for Ares has a starting price of £739 (824 Euros) and offers a 24-inch 1080p matte display with built-in speakers. It has Intel Core-i3 8100 at 3.6GHz under the hood, along with 8GB of RAM clocked at 2400MHz, and a 120GB SSD loaded with your chosen version of Ubuntu or Ubuntu MATE.
Additionally, the Entroware offers a 3-year warranty on the Ares PC.

Source: https://fossbytes.com/entroware-ubuntu-linux-pc-with-6-core-intel-cpu/
Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht



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