Optimized Clear Linux Kernel Now Available for Fedora 28 and Fedora Rawhide

Optimized Clear Linux Kernel Now Available for Fedora 28 and Fedora Rawhide


A recent devel list discussion for popular Linux distro Fedora mentioned Clear Linux optimizations, which may be relevant to Fedora developers in the future. It was
mentioned that Intel’s Clear Linux show noticeable performance gains over Xubuntu.
It’s interesting for Fedora developers, as there is a little bit of debate whether or not Clear Linux kernels actually improve performance in any significant way, or if its entirely negligible. For example, when Phoronix tried a Clear Linux kernel for Ubuntu, all they managed to achieve was decreased boot times, but nearly all other tests showed only minuscule gains compared to the stock Ubuntu kernel.
Thus, its important to remember that finely-tuned kernels are only one small part of the overall puzzle. There are many other tweaks involved, particularly amongst the Intel development team working on Clear Linux, where they apply various packages to the kernel, and some vital components such as Glibc, GCC, and compiler optimizations revolving around LTO, FMV, and PGO.
Still, whether or not a Clear Linux kernel for Fedora actually makes any drastic performance improvements, the potential is what matters.

Source: https://appuals.com/optimized-clear-linux-kernel-now-available-for-fedora-28-and-fedora-rawhide/
Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht



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