Home security gateway runs Linux, features glowing orb

Home security gateway runs Linux, features glowing orb


Dojo-Labs announced a Linux-based “Dojo” home security gateway that notifies users of security threats via a mobile app and a glowing orb.

An Israeli startup called Dojo-Labs has launched $99 presales on its Dojo security device, with shipments due March 8. After the first year, yearly subscriptions cost an additional $99 per year. CEO Yossi Atias has confirmed to LinuxGizmos that the device runs on a Linux operating system based on a Broadcom distribution.
Like the $49 Cujo device, which successfully completed its Indiegogo funding on Nov. 13, the Dojo is a Linux-based unified threat management (UTM) security device that sits between your Internet source and Internet router. Other similarities include a soft, consumer friendly design and, weirdly enough, a four-letter name that ends in “jo.”

Source: http://linuxgizmos.com/home-security-gateway-features-glowing-orb/
Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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