Linux 4.3 now publicly available

Linux 4.3 now publicly available


Good news for fans of Linux–the new version 4.3 of the Linux kernel has now been publicly released.

Among the key enhancements and inclusions in this updated version are changes the networking code and added support for new-generation wired and wireless networking hardware. The code also includes fixes to some bugs in ARM processor support, so mobile devices and embedded systems will benefit.

Linux 4.3 also introduces support for Intel’s new Skylake processors and AMD’s R9 Fury ‘Fiji’ graphics processors. Also support for the EXT3 file system has now been removed since its functionality is included in the newer EXT4 version that it supports. And for users to like using Linux in virtual machines, there is now support for OpenGL 3.3 which should make the entire experience significantly more fluid.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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