What the Ubuntu IP Announcement means

What the Ubuntu IP Announcement means


The announcement by the FSF and Software Freedom Conservancy has a lot of jargon in it so to help people better understand I am going to do an analysis. Mind you, back in 2012, I reached out to the FSF on these very licensing concerns which no doubt combined with other developers contacts set in motion these discussions.

In a nutshell, the FSF is making it clear while some progress was made that the Ubuntu IP Policy is still not a good example of a policy that protects the freedoms you have to using code under the licenses of software Ubuntu bundles into the distro we use and love. This is concerning because Canonical has essentially made some concessions but put its foot down and not made as much change as it needs to.


Source: http://benjaminkerensa.com/2015/07/15/what-the-ubuntu-ip-announcement-means

Submitted by: Benjamin Kerensa


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