10 Years of Git: An Interview with Git Creator Linus Torvalds

10 Years of Git: An Interview with Git Creator Linus Torvalds


Ten years ago this week, the Linux kernel community faced a daunting challenge: They could no longer use their revision control system BitKeeper and no other Software Configuration Management (SCMs) met their needs for a distributed system. Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, took the challenge into his own hands and disappeared over the weekend to emerge the following week with Git. Today Git is used for thousands of projects and has ushered in a new level of social coding among programmers.

To celebrate this milestone, this article provide the behind-the-scenes story of Git and tell us what Linus thinks of the project and its impact on software development. You’ll find his comments in the story below. We’ll follow this Q&A with a week of Git in which we profile a different project each day that is using the revision control system. Look for the stories behind KVM, Qt, Drupal, Puppet and Wine, among others.


Source: https://www.linux.com/news/featured-blogs/185-jennifer-cloer/821541-10-years-of-git-an-interview-with-git-creator-linus-torvalds

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