Vivaldi Web Browser Now Has 32-bit Builds for Linux

Vivaldi Web Browser Now Has 32-bit Builds for Linux


Vivaldi, a new web browser based on Chromium, built by an Opera founder and his team, has just received an upgrade and 32-bit versions for the application, among other things.

One of the most important requests of the community regarding Vivaldi was a 32-bit version of the application. It looks like there are a lot of users out there with 32-bit processors that would love to give Vivaldi a try, but they couldn’t do that in the absence of a special build. Now that build has been made available, along with a host of fixes and various improvements.

This is a stable app, which makes things very easy, but in fact it’s still pretty much a technical preview. That means that it’s not even an Alpha release. This is built for testing purposes only, but it has most of the functions you would expect to find.



Submitted by: Silviu Stahie


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