Non-Linux FOSS: Animation Made Easy

Non-Linux FOSS: Animation Made Easy


If you’ve ever wanted to make an animated film, the learning curve for such software often is really steep. Thankfully, the Pencil program was released and although basic, it provided a fairly simple way to create animations on your computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) with open-source tools. Unfortunately, the Pencil program was abandoned.

And really, that’s the coolest part of open-source software. Building on the incredible Pencil program, a new project was born. Pencil2D is under active development, and it’s a cross-platform application allowing for a frame-by-frame animation sequence to be drawn and exported.



Submitted by: Shawn Powers


  1. Hi,

    For those interested in this kind of software, there is another open-source animation project called “Synfig” ( link: ). It has been in development for quiet a while, so even if I haven’t tried it myself, it seems to be mature enough to use.

    Just my 0.01cent!.


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