Linus Torvalds Says Apple’s HFS+ Is the Worst, Probably Designed by Monkeys

Linus Torvalds Says Apple’s HFS+ Is the Worst, Probably Designed by Monkeys


Linus Torvalds doesn’t usually talk about things he doesn’t know, so it’s probably fair to imagine that, when he says that the HFS+ file system used on Mac OS X is garbage, he’s not wrong.

The creator of the Linux kernel and Git says a lot of things that are not too popular with some of the users, but that doesn’t mean he knows not what he’s talking about. In fact, he probably has a better grasp of file systems than many other developers, given the fact that the Linux kernel is built to run on pretty much anything and that he’s pulling FS patches all the time.

“Quite frankly, HFS+ is probably the worst filesystem ever. Christ what [expletive] it is. NTFS used to have similar issues with canonicalizing utf8 (ie using non-canonical representations of slashes etc). I think they at least fixed them. The OS X problems seem to be fundamental. ”



Submitted by: Silviu Stahie


  1. Apples HFS+ allows for complete ownership via exploiting file system permissions, admin account control, retrieval of personal files from user accounts without login and a number of remote exploit vectors. Exploits previously highlighted by Microsoft’s NTFS and FAT implementations, should not of made it into Apple’s file system design process so many years after well documented and reported examples of reoccurring exploitation routes taking place due to bad design. Apple’s ability to actually make the problem exceedingly worse is almost beyond belief!

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