Google rolling out Classroom mobile app for students, teachers

Google rolling out Classroom mobile app for students, teachers


Google is launching a new Classroom-branded mobile app aimed at encouraging digital collaboration between teachers and students.

Google Apps for Education counts more than 40 million students, teachers and administrators among its user base, according to the Internet giant’s estimates last fall. Classroom itself debuted roughly six months ago in an effort to make Google Apps for Education simpler for educators to use.

Among the available features for educators include helping students keep track of upcoming assignments followed by the ability for instructors to mark assignments as “done” upon completion.

Since launching, more than 30 million assignments have gone through Classroom, noted Jorge Lugo, a software engineer on the Google for Education Classroom team.

The mobile version of Classroom, Lugo explained, is designed to further facilitate communications between teachers and students, namely through the addition of a teacher assignments page and the ability to archive classes.



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