Major NVIDIA Stable Driver Released

Major NVIDIA Stable Driver Released


A fresh NVIDIA driver for the Linux platform has been released and it looks like the devs have a made number of changes and important improvements that really stand out.

NVIDIA seems to be the only company that takes the Linux community seriously, or least this can be deduced from the changelogs and the number of drivers that are released for the platform. AMD and Intel do their share of work with the kernel, but it’s nowhere near the kind of dedication that NVIDIA has. The simple fact that they release often is proof that they really do care about their users.

Submitted by: Silviu Stahie


  1. I would argue that AMD cares a lot about Linux also as they recently open sourced their entire HSA driver and its going to be merged into Kernel 3.19.

    This means that all AMD APUs will have a 100% open source video driver.

    From what I’ve read, also the driver responsible for the Desktop Video Cards is becoming partially open sourced – amdkfd.

    If nVidia doesn’t keep up with AMD my next Linux Gaming PC will have a AMD CPU, AMD GPU, AMD Motherboard, etc… I’ve been Intel + nVidia for the last 10 years because of their Good Linux Support.

    And as a IT i’ve turned at least 50 consumers into Intel + nVidia buyers, if AMD wins me over then nVidia can expect the opposite to happen and AMD to take the crown.

    So what’s it going to be nVidia, will you compete with AMD for my love and dollar as a consumer?

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