Canonical Details Plans for Unity 8 Integration in Ubuntu Desktop

Canonical Details Plans for Unity 8 Integration in Ubuntu Desktop


Ubuntu users now know for certain when Unity 8 officially arrives on the desktop flavor of the distribution.

The Ubuntu desktop flavor hasn’t been the developers’ focus for some time now, but that is going to change very soon. The new Desktop Team Manager at Canonical, Will Cooke, has talked about the future of the Unity desktop and laid out the plans for the next few Ubuntu versions.

Users might have noticed that Ubuntu developers have been putting much of their efforts into the mobile version of their operating system and the desktop has received less attention than usual. They had to focus on that version because most of the things that are changed and improved for Ubuntu Touch will eventually land on the desktop as well.

Not all users know that the desktop environment that is now on Ubuntu Touch will also power the desktop version in the future, and that future is not very far ahead. In fact, it’s a lot closer than users imagine.


Submitted by: Silviu Stahie


  1. Interesting.
    I am one the strange user that loves Unity ^_^ Actually when I first installed it I didn’t have to “learn” it because is was natural to my my workflow.
    With the line of Unity 8, I understand the move, but I don’t quite like it at first glance but I will try it. One of the reasons I’m using linux is that if you don’t like something, you “just” change it. That’s it.
    I wonder if it will be a “unity classic” branch 😉

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