Torvalds says he has no strong opinions on systemd

Torvalds says he has no strong opinions on systemd


Linux creator Linus Torvalds is well-known for his strong opinions on many technical things. But when it comes to systemd, the init system that has caused a fair degree of angst in the Linux world, Torvalds is neutral.

“When it comes to systemd, you may expect me to have lots of colourful opinions, and I just don’t,” Torvalds told iTWire in an interview. “I don’t personally mind systemd, and in fact my main desktop and laptop both run it.


Submitted by: Sam Varghese


  1. I think most people who have really strong opinions about Systemd do not actually have actual reasons for their opinion, just a sense that they object to some of the things that systemd does (like binary log files). Whether or not that means systemd is OK is another question. But I do feel that less noise from the people who cannot cite actual technical data would make the debate a lot clearer.

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