Why did Microsoft join the Linux Foundation’s AllSeen Alliance?

Why did Microsoft join the Linux Foundation’s AllSeen Alliance?


When people think of open source they don’t usually associate Microsoft with it. But the company recently surprised many when it joined the Linux Foundation’s open source AllSeen Alliance. The AllSeen Alliance’s mission is to create a standard for device communications.

Has Microsoft changed its attitude toward open source in general or is there another reason for its uncharacteristic behavior? Computerworld speculates on what might have motivated Microsoft to join the AllSeen Alliance.



Submitted by: Jim Lynch


  1. Microsoft can NEVER be trusted. I don’t care how many CEOs they go though, how many policy changes, or how many alliances or committees they form/join. Microsoft was dishonest from the start, and will remain so until they are completely dissolved as a corporation.

  2. Microsoft will support open source when it makes sense for them to do so as a business. They’ve actually been involved in open source (in a positive way) for quite a long time. Eg: they support PHP development with paid staff and infrastructure, and their Azure platform runs Linux. The question isn’t so much “Have they changed their attitude towards open source?”, but rather “Have they changed their attitude towards open standards?”. In that department, they’ve had a terrible track record (OfficeXML, need I say more?), and I have seen little evidence that this has changed.

  3. is just “el primer paso” on the way to manage to get their hands on ubuntu. gnu+linux=freedom, linux+ubuntu=microsoft.

    give them time and u’ll C.

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