RoboLinux Smooths the Linux Migration Path

RoboLinux Smooths the Linux Migration Path


RoboLinux is an impressive traditional Linux desktop distro. It could be an ideal vehicle for both enterprises and SOHOs to make the migration to Linux.

It comes with a few extra features that solve some of the potential problems of leaving other desktop platforms. One of its more enticing migration tools is a preconfigured virtual machine add-on that greatly reduces the IT burden of setting up Windows XP or Windows 7 to run in a VM environment within the Linux distro.

The website gives the impression that RoboLinux is unique in that it lets you run Windows in a VM setting that is immune to viruses and malware. However, all Linux distros are immune to the targeting attacks of decades-old viruses, as well as new malware. Running Windows in a VM setting within any VM-capable Linux distro will achieve the same degree of safety for Microsoft Windows.


Submitted by: Jack M. Germain


  1. I’m sorry Mr. Germain

    But in fact The Robolinux Stealth VM Software goes way beyond what you can do with VirtualBox in any Linux Distro in terms of really protecting Windows and its data.

    For example does VIrtualBox automatically mirror your data files to a hidden partition that
    Windows cannot access from the VM?

    Perhaps you would like a free download so you can actually know what it is about before
    posting false statements.

    For everyone elses edification you can review the facts here;

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