US Navy Is Switching from Solaris to Linux for Its UAV Program

US Navy Is Switching from Solaris to Linux for Its UAV Program


The US NAVY has contracted a third-party company to help them switch to Linux for their UAV program – not from Windows, but from Solaris.

Solaris has been considered for many years one of the most stable solutions available, either if it was for military purposes or for civil applications, such as airports and other branches. This is not one of the most publicized operating systems in the world, but Solaris is actually running on a number critical systems.

“Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) control experts at the Raytheon Co. Technical Services segment in Dulles, Va., will switch a major unmanned helicopter control system from Solaris to Linux software, and upgrade the system with universal UAV control qualities under terms of a $15.8 (€11.3) million contract.”

The new system will have to provide some essential features that seemed to be missing on the current platform, such as intuitive controls, automated testing procedures, and support software upgrades in the field.


Submitted by: Silviu Stahie


  1. This all helps solidify in the wider community that Linux is something of immense value and dependability. I am impressed as obviously are the US Navy.

  2. It just goes to show how technology can be used for evil as well as good. I’m sure Linus, the other contributors to the kernel and FSF developers never dreamed their work would be used to surveil and blow people up. It’s not their responsibility, of course, but if it were I, I would feel a bit uncomfortable about it nonetheless. Too bad we can’t put in some kind of backdoor fail script every time they pull a trigger.

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