Linux is about to take over the desktop but not like you...

Linux is about to take over the desktop but not like you think it will


For years I’ve heard that year X is the year of the Linux desktop and I’ve always scoffed at it. I scoffed because it’s ridiculous to think that Linux or Mac OS X or anything could supplant Windows on the desktop. That is until now. And don’t get me wrong, it won’t happen for at least another year in businesses but for personal computing and BYOD, it’s already happening. The Linux that’s taking over the desktop is called the Chrome OS and it will happen on the Chromebook device.
Yes, I know I write a lot about Chromebooks but they fascinate me. I’m kind of obsessed by them. I wish that I had been more receptive to them two years ago when I first saw one. But I guess there’s a time and a place for everything. And it just wasn’t my time yet.
But the business Chromebook revolution is about to happen and either you’ll be part of it or you’ll be left behind.



  1. Very true but I still prefer Ubuntu because I can run many more programs in general and many more programs off the Internet. It is also easy to install on existing PCs and I don’t need money to buy a Chromebook/I don’t need to be an absolute genius to get it to run on a PC that I already own.

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