Wasteland 2 Linux release confirmed

Wasteland 2 Linux release confirmed


For all you Wasteland fans out there, Wasteland 2 is finally getting a Linux release, thanks to the engine it is being developed on, getting native Linux support. Wasteland 2 is an RPG being developed by inXile Entertainment and developer Brian Fargo.
For the uninitiated, the original game came out way back in 1988. The game’s premise is that of humans fighting for survival in a post-apocalyptic America. Sounds similar to something? If your answer is Fallout, then you’d be absolutely correct. Wasteland was the precursor to the Fallout series, created by the same developers. The original Wasteland game was published by Electronic Arts. Despite doing really well, the publisher didn’t go for a sequel even with the developers pushing for one. The developers didn’t stop and instead made another game with the same premise, Fallout. The game was a critical hit and ended up spawning multiple sequels. Now in the age of crowd funding, with the variable of publisher dependence out of the equation, inXile Entertainment is finally getting back to its roots and developing a sequel to the game that started it all.



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