Python 2.7 To Be Maintained Until 2020

Python 2.7 To Be Maintained Until 2020


Python 2.7 will have extended support until 2020 and there won’t be any version 2.8, Guido van Rossum explained at the PyCon 2014. Guido van Rossum presented his update of the 0373 PEP (Python Enhancement Proposal).
The PEP 0373 regulates the roadmap for Python 2.7. This version receives support until 2020 according to van Rossum. This prolonged support should help companies and institutions that have not changed to Python 3 yet. At the same time van Rossum made ​​it clear that there would be no version 2.8 of Python, so that version 2.7 is the last in the line 2.



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