Full Circle Podcast Episode 39, Oggcamp Review

Full Circle Podcast Episode 39, Oggcamp Review


Full Circle Podcast Episode 39, Oggcamp Review

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Our live episode recorded at Oggcamp on Sunday the 20th October in which the guys look back over the history of the event in this it’s fifth anniversary


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Show Notes

00:56 | WELCOME and INTRO:

Before we continue a word of warning regarding the audio quality with this, due to problems with room scheduling and other event organisation challenges we didn’t get enough time in the room before the recording to do a thorough sound check before the start of the recording.  As such in places the audio quality is bit poor, we apologise and thank you for your understanding and support.

01:30 | A Brief History of Oggcamp


  • Olly – His first experience of this type of event was http://www.lugradio.org/live/2007/index.php/Main_Page LRL was a landmark event for the UK Linux Community at that point as there hadn’t been anything quite like it before, most Linux events up to that point were aimed at the corporate market.  His first Oggcamp experience was in 2012 due to various factors.
  • Freaky – He thinks http://lanyrd.com/2011/oggcamp/ was a great event as he thinks there aren’t enough events of this kind held in the South of England
  • Tony – First experience was Les bringing him back an Oggcamp 10 mug , the first event he attended was also Oggcamp 11 in Farnham were he was responsible for peddling the Merch.

11:40 | We Need Your Help!!

We aren’t completely happy with the format of the show and are still looking to make a few changes in future episodes to try and improve the show, if you have any ideas for segments and/or content for the show please get in touch using the feedback details at the bottom of the page, also if there’s anything you don’t like that we are doing at the moment please let us know.

27:30 | The Audience’s Best Bits Of The Event

The Audience discuss some of their best moments from the two days and also discuss some ideas to make event better, particularly from the newcomers perspective.


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