Full Circle Podcast Episode 38, Just The Two of Us!!

Full Circle Podcast Episode 38, Just The Two of Us!!


Full Circle Podcast Episode 38, Just The Two of Us!!

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In this Episode we announce the new format for the shows, talk about our hardware, review Issue 76 of the magazine and we have an interview from the STEM York Raspberry Jam


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Show Notes

01:37 | WELCOME and INTRO:

04:45 | Since Last Time

  • Tony – Flashed the BIOS on my desktop PC to give support for up to 16Gig of DDR3 memory (4x4Gig) previously only had support for up to 8Gig. I now have 12Gig installed. Has also purchased and has been playing around with a ColorHug 
  • Olly – Still battling the Identity Thieves and has been recording and editing videos for Youtube in KdenLive on his other geeky hobby miniature wargaming.  He has also recently been looking at upgrading his main box to a more modern processor and more memory, he has been exploring the world of the Intel i7 and water cooling.
  • Tony and Olly also mention a project that BlackpoolLUG undertook with one of it’s younger members Kieran in which they do a walk through of  the hardware that makes-up the average desktop computer, the videos of which can be found here: The Introduction , The Dissambley and finally Reassembly


  • Tony – The LibreOffice tutorials continue to give both new and more experienced users useful information on how to use the tools within this powerful office suite. On page 11 this issue looks at the drawing toolbar and gives a few tips on how to do some cool shapes for inputting into documents. Tony has also been reading the “My Opinion”  section page 32 which  is written by Robin Catlin your former podcast host, he has a few interesting comments on the way Ubuntu is moving and Unity.
  • Olly – The Review of Google/Drive Docs on pages 35 to 38, he’s used the new Google Drive since it was brought out last year, all of the Running Orders for the podcast are produced using the document app and makes it easy for all of the hosts to collaborate on the production of the show and  add their segments to the running order.  Olly’s also been reading a review of The Mana World on pages 49 to 51 a small platform/adventure game set in a fantasy world and has been going since 2004.  it’s been getting better with every year.

A general comment on this issue and that’s the lack of letters, please, please, the magazine is nothing without it’s Community.  It doesn’t have to be war & peace just a couple of lines to say your enjoying the magazine would be something!!

38:42 | INTERVIEW – Alan O’Donohoe, David Whale & Craig Richardson – Raspberry Pi What’s Point of It?

1.03:11| EVENTS

  • OggCamp, John Lennon Art & Design Academy, Liverpool John Moore’s University, 19-20th October 2013.Open Hardware Summit including Cefn Holye’s Shrimp.it, Fabric Printing and a Block Moving apparatus which you will be able to build whatever you like in a Minecraft style.  The hosts will also be there and will attempt to record an Episode of the podcast in front of a live audience, there will also be a raffle once again this year. www.oggcamp.org https://oggcamp13.eventbrite.co.uk/
  • Senior HackJam Preston, Sunday 6th October at the Media Innovation Studio, 4th Floor, Media Factory Building, Kirkham Street, Preston and will be run from 13:30 to 16:30 http://srhackjamoct-eorg.eventbrite.co.uk/

1.06:00 | FEEDBACK

  • Liam (Sorry you didn’t leave us your surname) left us some feedback using the comment form on Episode 36 the Opentech Special saying “Interesting Podcast!!”  Thank You

1.07:25 | OUTRO AND WRAP

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  1. Hey guys,
    I really enjoy the content of your podact, HOWEVER, the sound really needs some attention.
    I don’t think you are using any compression on the audio, which causes the headphone listener all sorts of grief (me for example), as if someone laughs or coughs or exclaims, it nearly blows my head off, and the rest is way too quiet.
    This is a link to the Audacity wiki about the compression feature/effect, I think it would vastly improve the sound, it is pretty frustrating that this great podcast has the worst sound of about 15 that I listen to! Just repaeting, the CONTENT is awesome, just check this out, all the best!


    • Hi Greg,

      Thanks for the feedback, but we do compress the audio, in my case twice by a hardware compressor and in Audacity I will have a look at it though, but generally only use a 2 to 1 compression as anything higher seems too aggressive.



    • I think I know what the problem here is, Tony was using a headset mic on this recording as he couldn’t get his H2 working so unfortunately the changes in volume are from the mic being too close (I’m not a fan of headset mics for recording, but we had no choice here)!!



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