Full Circle Podcast Episode 36, OpenTech 2013 Special

Full Circle Podcast Episode 36, OpenTech 2013 Special


Full Circle Podcast Episode 36, OpenTech 2013 Special

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Welcome to another of our special event coverage episodes, this time it’s OpenTech which took place on 18th May 2013.  Apologies for the delay in bringing you this episode and for the lack of episodes over the last couple of months, unfortunately there have been a number of personal issues that some of the hosts have had to deal with in the interim.  We are now back and are going to be able to bring you more regular schedule of shows than we have previously been producing so Thank You for bearing with us.


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Show Notes

01:45 | WELCOME and INTRO:

02:21 | LIVE INTRO

Les & Olly record an introduction live at the event prior to the doors opening in the breakout area of the Student Union Building on the ground floor.  They talk about what can be expected from the event including the scheduled talks http://www.opentech.org.uk/2013/schedule/ and how the event is structured.  They also discuss various current happenings in the Linux and Open Source communities including:

  • The release of Linux Mint 15 Olivia, and their use of HTML to customise the interface
  • Ubuntu Phone and Mark Shuttleworth’s announcement of one interface for all the product family and what that means for the users.
  • The new Mir Display Manager
  • The latest Debain Stable release “Wheezy”

If you would like to attend the next event and keep up-to-date on the organisation of the next event then visit http://www.opentech.org.uk/ and you can also follow them on Twitter https://twitter.com/opentechuk

 12:07 | INTRODUCING Government Digital Services & EMF Camp

  • Government Digital Services (GDS) is the UK Governments’ response to improving the way it delivers its services to the populous through the web as it draws closer to it’s “e-government” targets
  • previously each department within the Government was responsible for delivery of it’s web based services now GDS provides a combined approach to provide a consistent view of government and user experience.
  • The Majority of the talk is presented by the Deputy Director of GDS Tom Loosemore with a short segment at the end entitled “How We Didn’t Break the Web” which is presented by one of the GDS Developers Jordan Hatch
  • Both Jordan and Tom have personal blogs in which they ramble about life and technology and can be found at http://blog.tomski.com/ and http://thismaynotbejordan.tumblr.com/
  • EMF Camp or Electromagnetic Field (pun intended!!) was a huge Hacker, Maker and Geek event held in a “field” last year just outside Milton Keynes in the UK
  • The talk is presented by one of the organisers of the event Russ Garrett , he openly admits the motivation for the talk is to recruit attendee’s, assistants and helpers for next year’s event.
  • Russ also blogs and he can be found at http://russ.garrett.co.uk/

13:01 | PRESENTATION Tom Loosemore – Government Digital Services

 Ian Levy's Tweet

49:35 | PRESENTATION Russ Garrett – EMF Camp

1.05:02 | INTERVIEW – Stuart Ward & Hugo Mills – Reading Hackspace & Thames Valley RepRap Group

1.16:16 | OUTRO AND WRAP

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Governement Digital Services to EMF Camp: On the Run 1 By Unknown

EMF Camp to Reading Hackspace Intro, Reading Hackspace Intro to Reading Hackspace Interview, Reading Hackspace Interview to Outro: Iron Man By SoundJay


    • We thought so too, OpenTech is brilliant event with lots of talks which are thought provoking. It also provides a great opportunity to network with a wide range of people in the Tech, Geek and Maker fields. Glad you enjoyed the podcast.



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