Full Circle Podcast Episode 34, Raspberry Jamboree 2013 Special

Full Circle Podcast Episode 34, Raspberry Jamboree 2013 Special


Full Circle Podcast Episode 34, Raspberry Jamboree 2013 Special

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Welcome to the first of a 2 part conference special, in this episode the presenters reflect on the first even Raspberry Jamboree held at the Manchester Central Conference Centre on 9th March 2013


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Show Notes

01:28 | WELCOME and INTRO:

02:00 | Since Last Time

  • Tony – Has been getting to grips with his Nexus 4, so far he’s impressed with it and despite some criticism of the battery life has found this to be more than adequate for him. Tony has also been using a programme called MultiSystem to create Bootable Multi distro USB drives. It was a bit convoluted to install  as it meant adding the repository to synaptic (here is the howto) to download and install the packages but it works well. He now have an 8Gb drive with several distros including a couple of utility distros for partitioning and data rescue. Finally he discovered Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs support Linux on the web, providing a Linux version of one of their PAYE software packages for download.
  • Freaky Clown – Had built a laptop based around a Raspberry Pi to show at the Manchester Girl Geeks Barcamp but unfortunately couldn’t show it at the event as the postal service let him down and a part he needed failed to arrive in time. The completed project can be seen here: http://thegreyhats.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/so-i-have-two-raspberry-pis-i-love-them.html
  • Les – Has been very busy organising the Raspberry Jamboree with is new business partner Dan, attended the Manchester Girl Geeks Bracamp with Olly who became the AV Tech Crew for the day recording audio and video and taking photographs while grabbing interviews with the organisers. Les has also been hacking a bash script together to do network checks on various remote servers his company owns.
  • Olly – Also attended the Raspberry Jamboree and assisted Les and Dan crewing along with Jonathan Archer of RossLUG as Les mentioned also attended the Manchester Girl Geeks Bracamp with Les and recorded all of the audio in the Plunge and took a few photos aswell. Olly also recorded a couple of interviews at both events which will be played out later in the show and on Episode 35. He has also been been dabbling with Nvidia drivers once again with the goal of running Steam under Linux but with little success and has now given up on the idea.


Les and Olly reflect on the success of this Raspberry “Super” Jam

  • 365 people attended the event
  • An average of 65 people watching the live stream
  • People travelled from as far away as Bahrain and Sweden
  • Closing presentation by Amy Mather @MiniGirlGeek

14:50 | INTERVIEW – Pete Lomas & Rob Bishop – Raspberry Pi How It Started and Where It’s Going

  • Following their workshop on How to Setup a Raspberry Pi Pete and Rob talk to Olly about the origins of the Raspberry Pi their personal involvement in the journey and the future of the Pi.
  • Keep up with all the development in the Raspberry Pi world by visiting the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s website and following Rob and Pete on Twitter

 30:22 | INTRODUCING Amy Mather

  • Amy is an exceptionally bright young lady who has emerged from Ben Nuttall‘s Manchester Raspberry Jams who Tony interviewed for Episode 29 and at the time could only program using Scratch. Since then it’s been an incredible journey through learning Python and learning how to used Arduino‘s.

 30:55 | PRESENTATION Amy Mather – Recreating Conway’s Game of Life

 39:12 | INTERVIEW – Ben Nuttall – Raspberry Jams, The Jamboree & Public Speaking

  • Post Jamboree Olly and Les catchup with Ben Nuttall to get his reflections on the event.
  • We reflected on the success of the Manchester Raspberry Jam from it’s early beginnings which we captured on Episode 29 of the podcast.
  • We discuss the origins of Amy’s Game of Life project.
  • Looking to the future Ben talks about the next event he will be attending and his plans to present a talk on Open Source Software Culture at Manchester Girl Geeks Barcamp

51:24 | INTERVIEW – Jack Wearden – Raspberry Jamboree Reflections, Starting Raspberry Jams and Ucubed

  • Reflecting on the success of the first Raspberry Jamboree and talking about the outcomes of the panel discussion Jack took part in.
  • Discussing the first Birmingham Raspberry Jam, how it went and the planning and organisation of the event. If you are interesting in attending future Birmingham Raspberry Jams you can go to the Evenbrite page: http://BhamRaspJam.eventbrite.com to keep up with all the news regarding the event follow it on twitter @BhamRaspJam
  • We also talk about another event that Jack is organising along with Chris Wilson, Ucubed which is the Ubuntu and Upstream Unconference, an event for users of the Ubuntu and Debian Operating Systems. If you would like to attend the event you can get tickets on Eventbrite here as Jack mentioned in the interview the ticketing is a pay what you want strategy. There is more information including last years event report on the official site http://ucubed.info/
  • If you want to keep up with Jack and his organisation of many events you can follow him on twitter @JackWeirdy

1.08:04 | OUTRO AND WRAP

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Catch Up to Interview with Pete Lomas & Rob Bishop,  Out of Interview with Pete Lomas & Rob Bishop: ‘Dance Zone’ by Unknown

Into Amy’s Presentation, Out of Amy’s Presentation: On the Run 1 By Unknown

Into and Out of Interview with Ben Nuttall, Into and Out of Interview with Jack Wearden: Iron Man By SoundJay


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