Full Circle Side-Pod Episode Thirteen: That’s How it Feels To Be Wrong

Full Circle Side-Pod Episode Thirteen: That’s How it Feels To Be Wrong


Full Circle Side-Pod Episode Thirteen: That’s How it Feels To Be Wrong
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In this episode, Ubuntu Phone and TV.


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Show Notes

01:52 | WELCOME and INTRO


  • Dave has been blogging
  • Ed got a Galaxy Nexus 4
  • Alan has been on Kickstarter in place of the shopping channels, the latest delivery being the Digisparc.
  • Robin rashly took on the Full Circle Magazine Audio Edition (coming soon)

14:46 | Catch-up with UDS and 13.04 Mid-Cycle Sprint with Alan, and we discuss rolling releases.

22:43 | Ubuntu Phone – the gloves are off!
In a video released over the New Year, Mark Shuttleworth demos the new Ubuntu Phone operating system.

In a glossy, well produced (if slightly long 8mins 37secs), Canonical founder and CTO Mark Shuttleworth talks us through Ubuntu Phone, An Industry Proposition, a product he hopes will challenge iOS, Android and now Tizen in the mobile market.

Some of the key features:

  • Ubuntu distilled from TV and desktop
  • ‘Welcome screen’ not lock screen
  • One-handed operation using all four screen edges
  • Full swipe gesture control
  • Bottom edge for show/hide buttons
  • Show Unity Dash any time using left swipe
  • Go to previous app using right swipe
  • Full customisation of home screen
  • Ubuntu Software Centre for mobile apps
  • UbuntuOne cloud storage built in.
  • Native Apps built in QT framework

Ed’s links:

1.07:10 | Ubuntu TV: 

1.19:37 | FEEDBACK: How to get in touch with us

1.20:11 | WRAP and OUTRO

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  1. Just listened to this one and could not help repeatedly cringing. The discussion of what Ubuntu phone should be and what its chances are were littered with claims for what I as a user ‘should be’ doing. Or even more strangely what ‘we’, as a society I suppose, are doing.
    Namely that a file manager should not be present and that we are moving to some new form of computing where they are not needed/wanted. Also that an app manager and using it is also some how verboten now.
    Let me just say that I have not signed up for anything so I don’t want to be included in this proposed ‘we’ group. I’m quite happy to do what I’d like and let the rest of you do the same. That is one of the chief reasons many people are interested in open software to begin with. Flexibility. As to what I ‘should’ be doing with my phone or any other device I can honestly barely contain an expletive as to what I think about what anyone else thinks about what I ‘should’ be doing.
    As to what many do – most any review of great apps for Android nearly always included mention of one or another popular file management app.
    Most people probably don’t use them but a very many people do. As much as Apple and others are praised from removing the need for such manipulation from the learning curve of new or casual users, they are equally as often chided for hiding the same from more capabile or curious users.
    I’m all for systems which work without the need for constant blatant file management. I’m also fully for them retaining access to it for full control by those who’d like it.
    Frankly I’m qutie hopeful that as Ubuntu reaches for mass appeal it doesn’t completely abandon the tinker and the power user. I’m quite hopeful that an Ubuntu phone would come with a file manager for those who wish to make use of it for whatever reason. The same goes for an App manager. And for that matter the same goes for a terminal app.

    • Mike,
      I’m with you, but I seemed to be outnumbered on the day. It’s difficult sitting in the privileged class of interested geek to know just what the masses want and do with their smart-phones. I repeatedly use Kies Air to go drag stuff off my Samsung S2 and resort to a USB cable when I want to have a serious spring-clean. Without the task manager Facebook 2012 would have been banished as an unreliable piece of junk (unusable still pretty much applies, but that’s a design issue).

      I was trying not to get too proscriptive, but that’s Ed’s thing; he’s young and Northern and opinionated.

      Glad you stuck with us, though. RC

      • I understand, Robin.
        He certainly has a right to his opinions on the subject. I was just shocked to hear about what I ‘should’ be doing as a user. And also to be informed so incorrectly about what I apparently wanted as a user.
        I thought Alan handled him well in reply. Very politic.

        Thanks for the podcasts.
        Listening from upstate NY, USA.
        – Mike

        • I want to apologise regarding the minor grammar mistake in my wording. While I did say “i” and “we”, which does come across that I am dictating to users what they should be doing on their smartphone, it was not the point of the conversation. I was not expecting our listeners to be so pedantic about it.

          I was more hoping for the views of our listeners regarding Ubuntu Phone and Ubuntu TV; and if you would like views on old computing utilities on modern smartphone devices (Task Managers, File Managers and Terminal)

  2. We regards Apps, put them in a App store. I don’t want or need tweeter or facebook but can I un-install them from my HTC….No. I do use need a file manger my phone.

  3. Another great show – thanks – and Alan Pope is (or would be) a good addition to the team. The banter/’tension’/opinion/debate in these podcasts is why I like them so much. You and Tux Radar have the best podcasts around – cheers.

  4. Enjoyed the show and production quality. Ed’s views on Ubuntu phone didn’t seem out of line with mainstream thinking and I broadly agree with his views on what will be required for widespread acceptability / credibility with carriers, retailers and teenage scribblers in the media.

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    of your website? Its very well written; I love what youve got
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