Full Circle Podcast Episode 32, The Year That Was…….Well Nearly!!

Full Circle Podcast Episode 32, The Year That Was…….Well Nearly!!


Full Circle Podcast Episode 32, The Year That Was….Well Nearly!!

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In this episode Les brings everyone up-to-date with where he’s been, there’s a “Special Announcement” and the lads take a look back at 2012, “A Year in Tech”



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Show Notes

01:50 | WELCOME and INTRO:

02:10 | Since Last Time

  • Les – Has started a new job and is really enjoying it, he’s also moved away from Ubuntu and is now using Crunchbang Linux (a very lightweight distribution) and spreading the good word to others. He has also been playing around with his Raspberry Pi coupled with Arduino boards to make some interesting projects.
  • Tony – Loved his 16Gb WiFi Nexus 7 that he just had to have the 32Gb HSPA + version when it was released just over a week after the last Podcast came out. There were a few teething problems including BBC Iplayer not supporting the Nexus 7 under 4.2 Jelly Bean and sorting out the APN Setting for Giff Gaff. He also attended the amalgamated Preston and Blackpool GeekUp Christmas Meal as did the other members of the Podcast.
  • Olly – Ran into his first performance problem with his new Gnomebuntu install, trying to do a multi channel audio project in Audacity cause hard psychical lock-ups. He too hold out any longer and also purchase a Nexus 7 32Gb HSPA + Version like Tony. He also attempted one of the upgrade paths for Linux Mint to take him to 14 “Nadia” however it didn’t go according to plan as there were issues with Virtual Box which baulked the installation and in the end Olly had to do a fresh install.

Jon was supposed to be recording but at the last minute was called away to a teleconference which was related to the sad news that he will no longer be a full time presenter on the show, he will be moving back to New Zealand in the New Year. He may make an appearance on the show from time to time doing features and so on but due to the time difference it isn’t likely to be a regular thing.

08:49 | NEWS

22:02 | REVIEW of 2012 – The Year That Was….Well Nearly


  • Olly – Has been looking at the “How-To” series beginning in this months issue, Create A Theft-Proof Computer on page 12, he has also followed up with the next instalment of the KdenLive guide.
  • Les – Great minds think alike, he has also been looking at Part 4 of Ronnie’s KdenLive tutorials on page 26 of the Magazine. He discusses how OpenShot is good for beginners and for those who want to quickly put together video projects however if you need some more advanced tools for video editing, such as remastering physical film KdenLive is the tool for the job.
  • Tony – Has been looking at the Command & Conquer article on page 6 which looks at Dual Booting your system with Linux and Windows and gives you hints and tips on how to keep your system running well with both OSs. He has also been looking at the Community section particularly the My Story articles on page 44.

49:43 | EVENTS

  • linux.conf.au – Is propably the premier Linux and Open Source event in Australia, is being held from Monday 28th January to Saturday 2nd February 2013 at The Australian National University in Canberra, New South Wales. http://lanyrd.com/2013/linuxconfau/
  • SCALE 11X – The annual Southern California Linux Expo is being held from 22nd to 24th February 2013 at Hilton Los Angeles International Airport http://www.socallinuxexpo.org/scale11x/
  • Raspberry Jamboree 2013 – Is a global Raspberry Pi User Group Meeting being held at the Manchester Central Conference Centre on Saturday 9th March 2013 between 10am and 4pm, “Early Bird” tickets have now gone but you can still purchase standard tickets at £10.90 http://raspberryjamboree-erec2.eventbrite.com/
  • If you are aware of any Geek or Tech events happening in your area and you would like to publicise them please email them to use at podcast@fullcirclemagazine.org

54:08 | FEEDBACK

  • Phil left us a comment on the website “You talked about he Nexus and the Kindle Fire and talked about the limit of no SD slot. I have been turned onto the NOOK primarily the Nook Color. I have the original OS untouched in my nook and I boot to a full install of cyanogen mod 7 (android 2.3) on the SD card. I have the CPU overclocked to 1.2 GHz and I still have great battery life. I plan to move to cyanogen mod 10 (android 4) this weekend time permitted”.
  • We also have had several comments on the website and Google + page commenting on the poor audio quality of episode 31.
  • The Ogg and MP3 Feeds are now updating normally.


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  1. All,
    much better sound quality! And Skype worked! Yay!.

    Just need to polish the mix for the beginning of the show and give it a bit more oomph and it’s there. In the groove inside a handful of shows. It only took us a year with the old team. RC

    • That you Robin, high praise indeed. Happy New Year. Yes we seemed to have been extraordinarily blessed by the Skype Gods this time, we had given up on it a while back as it had been giving us jip.

      The lack of oomph on the intro is due to my affliction with the flu (hence me sounding like Madge Bishop and coughing from time to time), it took five attempts to record a half decent intro, hopefully should be able to give it abit more gusto for the next one, I’ll work on the mix aswell.


  2. Installed CM10 on the Nook Color works very well. Sadly a couple weeks later I had a static discharge event takeout my 16GB SD card with CM10 install. I decided at that time to Nooter my Nook and install CM10 on the internal memory. As expected, I have a noticeable increase in performance.

    On a side note, I worked in industrial controls. As a linux fan I have noticed two major players that are showing some love to the Linux community. The first is Inductive Automation. They have a SCADA system called Ignition, that is Java and SQL based. I have an install running on a ubuntu 12.04 development box in my office. Secondly is SIEMENS, They have a product WinCC OA that runs on linux as well.

    Keep up the good work.


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