Fullcircle Podcast Episode 30 Better Late Than Never.

Fullcircle Podcast Episode 30 Better Late Than Never.


Full Circle Podcast Episode 30 Better Late Than Never

Your new hosts take over the helm, and hope to provide the same level of quality that you expect.


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Show notes after the jump.

Welcome to the new format podcast hosted by members of Blackpool LUG

Your Hosts:

Les Pounder (blog at http://about.me/lespounder/ twitter @biglesp)
Tony Hughes (Google + http://plus.google.com/101988366830118285114/)
Olly Clark (Google + http://plus.google.com/103073417601965434371/ twitter @ollyclarkdotorg)
Jon Chamberlain (Google + http://plus.google.com/102119503691228033435/ twitter @jonachamberlain)

Show Notes
00:00 Title Music
00:26 Intro
01:20 What we’ve been doing
Tony Statistical package GNUPSPP – SPSS FLOSS alternative Tutorials needed!! Any takers?
Olly Skype Installation woes, followed by encryption woes with ecryptfs -> now using TrueCrypt instead
Playing with new RaspberryPi
Attended Preston Raspberry Jam
Jon MythTV care-and-maintenance
Fedora server rebuild (HDD RIP)
Laptop battery replacement – Amazon customer service FTW -YMMV!
Les Attended Preston and Cambridge RJs
Interviewed Ebon Upton (cheekily)
Interviewed Freaky Clown (rudely)
Busy Planning for OggCamp 2012
12:00 News
Google IO – Nexus 7 tablet launch info
– Android Jellybean
– Google Glass developer kit available
– Nexus Q media streamer
Updated Ubuntu Getting Started Guide released Oracle MySql bug release disk consumption
PHP 5.4/5.3 bug fixes released LibreOffice point release 3.5.5 – stability fixes (if you need them) and Calc and Impress minor enhancement Firefox new tab privacy fixes RaspberryPI Raspbian distro update – Floating point and Chromuim optimisations FirefoxOS – Mobile platform announcement

32:10 Interview with Freaky Clown – Surrey Hackspace
57:45 RaspberryJam Preston – UCLAN/@teknoteacher
Dr Simon Monk – “Mr Arduino” – using with RaspPi (GPIO ports)
Ben Croston – Developer of GPIO modules for Debian and Fedora – Member of RaspberryFilling project course material for use in schools
Kefin Hoyle – laptop shrimping – repurposing old hardware – GBP4 arduino kit – Open Hardware track at OggCamp
James Meers – getting started with Rpi, interesting projects – promo kits – demo of Quake 3 on the Rpi – RPi as a thin client
Ian Dixon – host of Digital Lifestyle podcast

1:05:30 Cambridge RaspberryJam – recorded mini podcast in car Website: Raspberryjam.org.uk
streamed live over Google Hangout
Very well attended – lots of interesting speakers
London Zoo using mesh network using webcam module to monitor animal health
BigTrak/Rpi/PS2 game pad mashup
Keith Upton – head of RISC OS project for RPi
x10i project – provides 14 inputs and outputs, connects to RPi and can chain up to 8 together
RPi Prototypes on displayed
Webcam connection to RPi
Cambridge photos online 1:15:15 Interview Ebon Upton
1:29:50 FC Magazine content discussion
Sky maps – Stellarium, Aladin
Space Simulators – Google Earth, and others
Amateur astro photograhpy
Sky map apps on Android
Linux lab – linking devices to Twitter
Closing windows – application alternatives under Linux
Gnome3 – KDE
1:45:00 Upcoming Events
1:50:00 Outro


  1. I heard that Tony was looking for some user-friendly tools to help with statistics. You might find SOFA Statistics useful (disclosure – I am developer ;-)). Check it out at http://www.sofastatistics.com. It is Python underneath and has an emphasis on “ease of use, learn as you go, and beautiful output”. It’s also AGPL3 and has a deb which I know works well with Ubuntu because the dev machine run 12.04.

    • Thanks Grant, sorry for the delay been on my holidays and then right into Uni and the new Job so I’ve not checked out the podcast feedback for a few weeks. I’ll check out the site you mentioned.

  2. Tony mentioned that he’s looking for tutorials on PSPP. PSPP is very similar to SPSS so a lot of the YouTube videos on SPSS would apply to PSPP too.

    Olly, I had installation issues with Ubuntu and Wubi too. Apparently, you have to use Wubi in a ‘standard’ way. Copy the ISO and Wubi to the C drive rather than running it off a USB hard disk drive, unplug the wired LAN cable, disable the wireless radio on your laptop, and start the installation (you can keep the network connected during the part of the installation that runs in Windows – it is the part after the reboot that can hang if the network is connected). I use Ubuntu to power an old laptop that runs Windows XP and it’s great for Python development. It also makes a good test system so I can install stuff, trash the Ubuntu install, and start all over again.

    BTW, this week, I hooked up a Ubuntu box to a Wacom interactive (stylus) display and it worked right out of the box. The Wacom control panel ‘applet’ (if that is what it is called in the Linux world too) helps configure and map the buttons on the stylus. It does not, however, provide double-click as one of the options though. In Windows, the stylus is configured with a right-click for the first button and a double-click for the second button.

    Right now, I’m teaching myself Python and have been posting my new-found appreciation about Python to my blog (http://www.n4express.com/blog). There are some parts of it that have clearly been influenced by C.

  3. Hi Guys, Thought I’d leave a note regarding my first impressions of the podcast. Take it or leave it… Episode 29 was my first introduction to the full circle podcast. It was a bit weird but information content was interesting, so I’m back. I really appreciate the time you guys put into organizing the show and the info I learn. I’m 30min into episode #30 — and wow, this is a slow moving talk. But the information is still mostly useful, so I’ll likely finish the episode and give it another shot when/if #31 comes out. Best of luck,,, and please do what you can to talk a bit less sleepily. 😉

    • Mike,

      Sorry that we appeared to be abit sleepy in Episode 30, the reason for this is we’d spent an hour prior to actually recording trying to get everyone connected at the same time on one communications protocol so to be honest we were all whacked from that. If I hadn’t been having a wisdom tooth removed the next day which would have put me out of recording action for a week we would have probably called it a night and tried again another time!!

      We have had a few discussions within the team about the overall production of the show and have committed to producing a much more punchy show, increasing the pace of the show hopefully this will make for easier listening!!

      Thanks for the feedback and please keep it coming, all of you, we really appreciate it and hopefully we’ll keep improving the show for all you. Thanks for sticking with us as we are still finding our feet with this podcasting stuff.



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