Full Circle Magazine #63 is available in aisle four

Full Circle Magazine #63 is available in aisle four


Full Circle
Issue #63

Full Circle – the independent magazine for the Ubuntu Linux community are proud to announce the release of our sixty-third issue.

This month:
* Command and Conquer.
* How-To : Beginning Python – Part 35, LibreOffice Part 16, and Linux Astronomy Part 2.
* Graphics : GIMP Retro Photo, and Inkscape Part 3.
* NEW! Web Dev series
* Linux Lab – Making *buntu 12.04 Boot Faster.
* Review – gPodder.
* Closing Windows – Share Files/Folders.
* Audio Flux – some CC music tracks.
* NEW! Ask The New Guy.
plus: Ubuntu Games, Ubuntu Women, My Desktop, My Opinion, My Story, and much much more!

Get it while it’s hot!

Google Currents Edition:



    • I can take anything from days to weeks. It all depends on how busy Jens is. If you have an Android/Apple device you could always install Google Currents and read that edition in the mean time?

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