Full Circle Podcast 24: OGGCamp Part Two

Full Circle Podcast 24: OGGCamp Part Two


Full Circle Podcast LogoFull Circle Podcast Episode 24 OGG Camp, Part Two

In this episode, two talks, two guests and a raffle…
(with a warning about the audio quality!)

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Show Notes

01:32 | WELCOME and INTRO: About OGG Camp 11
In case you missed OGG Camp PartOne, OGG Camp is a joint venture organised by the Ubuntu UK podcast and Linux outlaws teams. In this, it’s third year, OGG Camp came South to the Farnham Maltings venue. These are some of the highlights of what happened on Sunday, Day Two.

Summary of the proceedings on Lanyrd: OggCamp 11 Celebrating Open Technology

01:51 | Arrival at OGG Camp 11, Day Two, Sunday morning

02:23 | Andy Piper’s presentation on MQTT.
Andy Piper on Lanyrd: social bridgebuilder, photographer, techie, speaker, podcaster, WebSphere Messaging Community Lead @ IBM, Committee @ Digital Surrey.

The presentation Messaging for the Internet of Awesome Things (slideshare.net)

Andy’s blog for MQTT is also on-line.

30:07 | Presentation from Laura Cjachowski.
Laura czajkowski on Lanyrd: Argumentative, Stubborn, Geek, Ubuntu Fan, MUNSTER FAN
Slides (pdf): Life Outside of IRC in a FLOSS Community (cypher.skynet.ie)

44:19 | Quick chat with Les Pounder
Les Pounder working the crew like galley slaves (blog at http://lespounder.wordpress.com/ twitter @lespounder)

48:46 | Day Two Interval

50:07 | Raffle-cast:
Don’t worry, this isn’t the whole thing. Although it was funny to watch Alan ‘Road-runner’ Pope skip up and down the auditorium distributing prizes.

1.00:55 | End of Day Two. A summary of proceedings.

1.04:28 | Catch-up with Alan Pope
Hear the special edition podcast: Ubuntu UK Podcast OGG Camp Live edition S04E13 – When Two Worlds Collide
And for good measure the Outlaws version: Linux Outlaws 224 – OggCamp 11 Live

1.17:40 | OUTRO AND WRAP

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