Full Circle Podcast Episode 18: Never Order the Fish

Full Circle Podcast Episode 18: Never Order the Fish


Full Circle Podcast LogoFull Circle Podcast Episode #18, Never Order the Fish

In this episode, dissecting the news with a fish knife.


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Show notes after the jump.

Your Hosts:


Additional audio by Victoria Pritchard

Show Notes

04:01 | WELCOME and INTRO


  • Ed – Playing Crysis II, upgrading the HTC Wildfire to CyanogenMod-7 stable.
  • Dave – Injury, illness, army exercises; Nexus 1 upgrade to Android Gingerbread; diagnosing the Acer Aspire’s power problem
  • Robin – rebuilding and scrapping PC’s for friends;
    Looking into WordPress for a commercial blog (somehow need to cross post and chain WP blogs together);
    Starting to data wipe HDD’s – various methods;
    Booked my ticket for OGG Camp ’11, 13-14 Aug – The Maltings, Farnham UK.

16:10 | REVIEW Issue #47 of Full Circle Magazine

  • Ed – File-systems on pg.20
  • Robin – Q&A on pg.34
  • Dave, Top 5 Education tools on pg.39

20:31 | NEWS

Stories this episode…


54:03 | GAMING


  • Ed – Minecraft, Full Circle Magazine had its own server in March. Minecraft videos on YouTube. Playing through Crysis II.
  • DW – Scum VM “Beneath a Steel Sky”
    next up ‘Simon the Sorceror I and II’ point and click adventures – The Longest Journey (not the Disney dog and cat movie).

59:40 | FEEDBACK: Your comments and emails

1.06:41 | Send us feedback: since Victoria continues to ask so nicely

1.07:19 | OUTRO AND WRAP


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  1. Hi guys
    Thanks heaps for your efforts in putting out the podcasts. Just for the record, I am an Aussie
    who is living in Switzerland. So that should help out the funny accent section of the show.
    I find it very interesting to hear all the feedback wrt Unity, Gnome Shell etc.
    A “now it’s working now it’s not” experience until recently.
    I feel that the Canonical guys have really worked their butts off to get Unity up to where it is now,
    time will tell if it really has legs or not.
    My feeling as a long time Mint user is that both the new GUIs are very “busy” in the windows (small w)
    I wonder why a Gnome 2/Ubuntu remix is announced now, as Clem has said that
    Mint will not pick up Unity in Katya.
    A point I made in another podcast commentary is that not much (none?) of the “new” desktop experience
    is aimed at a business user. We use Linux at home, and I use it almost exclusively at work
    (a lone Mint user among the Win users). All the servers in the office are running
    Ubuntu LTS10.04 so that is at least a small win over the Win server camp.
    But as a business user – for example I have 4 monitors to help with document editing etc.
    – many of the new fangled effects simply will not go or need 5 weeks work on an xorg.conf etc file to
    I think that the LibreOffice crew are going really well and I use LO as my office suite of choice – it does a much better job of importing MSO files, particularly the ???x format.
    One area where FLOSS is not yet ready for prime time is competing with Ad**e Acr**at. This would be a
    real win if there was a good Editor/OCR system to challenge the Windows tools. I use PDF Mod, and a
    number of other similar tools but they are not as easy to use as their Win cousins.

    So that is my 2Rappen worth.
    Keep up the good work

  2. Sorry about the formatting of the above, I resized this bloody input box and lost the right part of the text. A bit like a Vista experience ;=)

  3. Great podcast …… very entertaining!

    With Dave’s impressions, it can be a ‘risky exercise’ sending in comments …… so …… can you ask Dave ……. to read this e-mail …… with a North Yorkshire accent …… as I’m currently surrounded by herds of sheep and cattle?

    Keep up the brilliant show

    Note …… is ‘static’ or ‘thinking time’ …… for us mere mortals Dave!

  4. I am trying to subscribe to the podcast feed in OGG format in Rhythmbox, however, only the feed for the MP3 version will work. The OGG one is rejected by Rhythmbox, although it worked perfectly in Firefox.

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