Full Circle Podcast Episode 17: Why Would They Do That?

Full Circle Podcast Episode 17: Why Would They Do That?


Full Circle Podcast LogoFull Circle Podcast Episode #17: Why Would They Do That?

In this episode: U-Cubed and lots of news!


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Guest Hosts

  • Jon Spriggs
  • Les Pounder

Additional audio by Victoria Pritchard Show Notes 01:01 | WELCOME and INTRO 01:51 | THE U-CUBED EVENT… organised by Les and Jon.

  • When: Sat. April 2nd, 10.00am.
  • Where: Mad-Lab, Manchester, UK .
  • Cost: Free, tickets via the web-site.
  • Info: ucubed.info.


  • Dave – Acquired an Asus EEE-pc 1001-HA 160Gb, £150. Now looking at Ubuntu Netbook Remix (but which version?). Switched to Chromium browser.
  • Ed – Gone ‘back’ to Firefox 4 Beta. Acquired a new Mac-ish keyboard, Amazon, £15.
  • Robin – Broke Natty Alpha-2.
  • Jon – working/tidying up on cchits.net

18:50 | REVIEW ISSUE #46 of Full Circle Magazine

  • Dave, Les – Mythbuntu set-up on pg.15
  • Ed – File-systems on pg.20
  • Robin – Libre Office on pg.12
  • Dave – Review of Boxee Box on pg. 24, game review of Braid pg.29

24:47 | NEWS Stories this episode…

1.01:54 | CONTRIBUTE 1.02:26 | OPINION Upcoming topics: – Kubuntu – Cloud Computing – Podcasting! 1.04:59 | GAMING

  • Vendetta On-line review to come in FCM#47. Heads up on the shooter Assault Cube.

1.05:46 | FEEDBACK: Your comments and emails 1.14:04 | Send us feedback: since Victoria continues to ask so nicely 1.16:38 | OUTRO AND WRAP Comments: on this page, using the comment form, OR; Send us a comment to podcast@fullcirclemagazine.org. You can also send us a comment by recording an audio clip of no more than 30 seconds and sending it to the same address. Comments and audio may be edited for length. Please remember this is a family-friendly show. Please note: this podcast is provided with absolutely no warranty whatsoever; neither the producers nor Full Circle Magazine accept any responsibility or liability for content or interaction which readers and listeners may enter into using external links gleaned from this forum or podcast series. Creative Commons Music Tracks

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  1. light distro slackware based you should try is zenwalk-openbox-7.0 , i found this to be a better choice for small install on HDD & Flash drive this suitable if you need a small foot print and a good alterternative to crunchbang.

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