Full Circle Podcast #13: The One Where You’re a Rabbit

Full Circle Podcast #13: The One Where You’re a Rabbit


Full Circle Podcast LogoFull Circle Podcast #13: The One Where You’re a Rabbit

In this episode, UDS, Unity and no big guns…


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Show notes after the jump.

Your Hosts:

Additional audio by Victoria Pritchard

Show Notes

02:40 | WELCOME and INTRO


  • Ed’s been laying low (and playing some minecraft) while reviewing games for the magazine
  • Robin took delivery of his new phone – also an HTC Wildfire
  • Installed Maverick on both production manchines
  • Dave’s been doing ‘war and stuff’ – but it’s ok, it’s the British Army. They do that sort of thing.

05:45 | Review Issue #42 of Full Circle Magazine

  • The Reader Survey results are in
  • Ronnie’s Linux Lab (just follow your noise toward the burning smell)
  • Robin’s opinion on Mac-Buntu and Win-Buntu makeovers – WHY?!?!
  • Top-5 Alternatives to Gnome
  • Ed’s Review of horror game Penumbra which lacks the big guns to satisfy him.

15:10 | News

  • Ubuntu 11.04 development has begun!
    * Slow OEM adoption of Maverick by manufaturers; both Dell and System 76
  • Ubuntu Developers Summit (UDS) Orlando Florida.
    * Unity to be default interface in Ubuntu Desktop
    + No full screen app menu, small menu top left
    + Movable dock
    + Windows are floatable
    + will use Compiz – not Clutter/Mutter!
    + Will explain gnome 3, gnome shell and unity, if necessary
    * Much development to do! Mockups appearing for multiple workspaces
    * Default application changes
    + Banshee is default media player
    + Firefox 4 will be the default web browser
    + LibreOffice will replace Open Office
    + Gnome Dictionary will be dropped !!!!!!!!!!
    * Ubuntu desktop and netbook release will merge to one iso
  • New Ubuntu Icon set planned for 2012
  • Software Centre, including user ratings and ‘sponsor an app’

24:49 | Opinion

39:03 | Gaming

44:16 | Gaming

45:53 | Contribute

46:28 | Feedback: Your comments and emails

52:49 | Send us feedback: since Victoria continues to ask so nicely

53:24 | Outro and Wrap

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  1. Prenumbra: no fighting and all the hiding… did you not use the hammer to bash the hounds as you cower on top of boxes? Takes a while to get them down, but doable….Pretty intense experience the first go round!!!

  2. Please, Please oh Ubuntu Gods. Do not ever let Ubuntu look even the slightest bit like windoz 7. If I had wanted that trash I would have bought it. I have been a Ubuntu user for about 2 years and never want to be a slave to microsoft again.

  3. G’day Gentlemen. Thanks for mentioning my comment from podcast 12 (No insult taken), but Dave you really to work on that Australian accent :P. Looking forward to podcast 14. Cheers Glenn

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