Full Circle Podcast #10: Trawling the Internet for a Goat Festival

Full Circle Podcast #10: Trawling the Internet for a Goat Festival


Full Circle Podcast #10: Trawling the Internet for a Goat Festival
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In this episode, the editors fight back.
This episode we are minus one Dave Wilkins who is away, but plus two guests. Esteemed editor of Full Circle Magazine Mr Ronnie Tucker is our co-host…
While Editor-in-Chief of Ubuntu Weekly News Letter is our guest, Ms. Amber Graner.

News: The usual collection of Maverick news, plus Gmailwatcher, Googlubuntu and Ubuntu on Android,

Opinion: Contributing articles to Full Circle Magazine with Ronnie Tucker

Interview: Amber Graner on Ubuntu Women, UWN and Open Source Goats…


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Show notes after the jump.

Your Hosts:

Additional audio by Victoria Pritchard and Philippa Hammond

Show Notes

02.30 | WELCOME and INTRO


  • Windows gaming, Ubuntu re-install [EH]
  • Articles and research for Full Circle and blog [RC]
  • Production of Full Circle #38 [RT]

5.42 | Review Issue #38 of Full Circle Magazine

10.21 | News

25:42 | Trailer

27:42 | Opinion

  • Contributing articles to Full Circle with editor Ronnie Tucker

45:00 | Contribute

45:40 | Interview: Amber Graner
Amber talks about:

1.05:54 | Feedback: Your comments and emails

1:11.50 | Send us feedback: since Vitoria continues to ask so nicely

1:12.24 | Outro and Wrap

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  1. In this episode you have 3 media files in your feed
    1) Dangerous.mp3 (MP3 audio, 2.3 MB)
    2) Truth of the Legend.mp3 (MP3 audio, 3.6 MB)
    3) fullcirclepodcast_ep10_160710.ogg (Ogg Audio, 37.1 MB)

    It would be nice if you could place the episode on the first position, because my podcast client (gPodder) only downloads the first media file.

  2. Brilliant podcast ….. particularly like the news section ….. interviews are excellent

  3. @bernd Ah, that must be what happened on my phone with Google Listen. Wondered why I just had a short music track.

    I do enjoy the show. Good mix of segments.

    I think the presenters have said they all use Gnome. I’ve tried it in the past and just didn’t like it much. Been running Kubuntu for a few versions now. Got Netbook Edition on my Samsung N140, but that’s mostly to use Firefox anyway. At my local LUG (Herts LUG) I see more people using KDE than Gnome. It is possible to get a balanced review of the pros/cons of each?

  4. Ah. Now either I’ve done something daft in the podcast posting or WordPress is doing something weird in building the feeds as it should only contain the show media links. We’ll look into it. RC

    *UPDATE* A-ha!! WordPress has created an ‘enclosure’ section in the feed for just of the 2 music tracks referenced in the show-notes (why only 2 and not all of them??). Definitely NOT something I did in the posting. We had this problem twice before. I wonder that WordPress isn’t trying to be too clever for its own good.

    Any-hoo; I’ve edited the post which should refresh the feed overnight. Keep pointing out our goofs. RC

  5. Steve, I have got a plan for one of our discussion sections of a future podcast, is that we will all try KDE and talk about our experiences with it.

    • Heck, are we taking challenges now??

      This one I can live with having given KDE 4.4 a favourable review in the podcast. Getting Mr Wilkins to go KDE may require bribery and severe physical pain… RC

  6. I also had the same problem via iTunes but that aside from that I enjoyed the podcast as always. My favorite section this time was the interview with Ronnie Tucker about contributing towards the magazine and I have now fully decided to write a few articles myself.

    On a side note, I don’t know if anybody else has noticed this but I think Ed sounds a lot like Aled from the Chris Moyles show on Radio One.

  7. The feeds still seems broken to me… The ogg feed seems to have 3 enclosures, one ogg for the episode and 2 extra mp3s, the mp3 feed seems to have one non-episode mp3 and nothing else…

    • WordPress re-instated the enclusure tags I deleted and rebuilt the feed the way it was! I have just removed the enclosures again so the only media files are the ogg and mp3. We wait to see if WordPress will update the feeds correctly.

      Without all the pesky podpress plugins, this thing seems to have a mind of its own concenring media files. Still no idea why it creates enclusure custom fields for 2 random tags in the post body! Any Worpdress experts care to share? RC

  8. Worpdress? Maybe a warpdress? You know, one of those fancy dresses that make the girl using it go faster-than-light. 😛

  9. omg a number of the feedback the majority create tend to be such stoner statements, now and again i wonder if they actually read the material pieces and reports before posting or if perhaps they generally skim the blog titles and submit the first thing that one thinks of. in any case, it is pleasant to go through brilliant commentary occasionally when compared to identical, out-of-date post vomit which i generally observe on the web

  10. If that was for me, I have to say I tried a little funny there (which may or may not suit your taste of humor), and while it was two weeks late or something and a little silly, I have already given more appropriate feedback to the podcasters who do an awesome job. So “music”, cheer up a little bit and go listen to a bit of yourself. 😛

  11. The RSS fees is still borken. My RSS reader, Juice, only shows one of the songs as the only enclosure. I’d like to wake up to a fresh and toasty podcast in the mornings and it’s not happening.

    Loving the show thus far!

    • We appear to have a decent work-round in WordPress now and both RSS and ATOM looked good to me over the weekend. Do let us know if the feeds fall apart again. RC

  12. Juice is still giving me problems. It downloads the mp3 file, but it never marks it as finished and I get the following in the error log:

    Downloading http://fullcirclemagazine.org/podpress_trac/feed/901/0/fullcirclepodcast_ep11_240910.mp3
    DownloadJob 32320016 ‘fullcirclepodcast_ep11_240910.mp3’ reports: An error occurred; aborting.
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “ipoddercore.pyc”, line 370, in run
    File “ipodderhistory.pyc”, line 447, in save_encinfo
    File “ipodderhistory.pyc”, line 23, in mkfilenamekey
    UnicodeEncodeError: ‘ascii’ codec can’t encode character u’xbb’ in position 83: ordinal not in range(128)

    All my other feeds in Juice work fine, thus mai I suggest that you guys use Feedburner, like the Linux Outlaws do, for your podcast RSS publishing?


  13. Bart,
    thanks and that’s a big Homer-style “Doh!” for WordPress. Or Waprdress. Whatever. I’ll confer with sysadmin Rob K when he’s back, since that error is giving me nothing obvious I can fix from here. RC

  14. I would suggest you go back and read the article you link to regarding running Ubuntu on Android. You quickly disregard this a simply remote login using VNC. That is far from true. Ubuntu is running on the device. VNC is only used to display the desktop.

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