Full Circle Side-Pod #2: A World Cup -free zone

Full Circle Side-Pod #2: A World Cup -free zone


Full Circle Side-Pod #2: A World Cup -free zone

Full Circle Podcast Logo This is an extra, irregular, short-form podcast, which is intended to be a side-branch of the main Full Circle Podcast. Somewhere to put all the general technology, non-Ubuntu news and opinions, hobby-horses and general kipple that doesn’t fit anywhere else. Be prepared for a healthy dose of British sarcasm.

News: It may or may not be HTML5, Nero sues MPEG-LA, Everyone patents Social Networking

Gaming: Red Dead Redemption and World of Goo

Expert Spot: Editing the Full Circle Podcast pt. 2: Recording


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Additional audio by Victoria Pritchard

Show Notes

1.01 | WELCOME and INTRO

2.40 | NEWS: Mixed bag of legal, fail and legal-fail.

Oh yes it is…
Apple’s HTML5 Showcase (maybe…) ..

Oh no it isn’t!
Apple’s HTML5 Showcase Isn’t HTML5 – Blocks Other Browsers

Yahoo Pulse takes on Buzz Aiming low in hope of beating something no one uses

Microsoft Secretly Installs Firefox Extension Through Windows Update
Who knows what those Redmond boys thought they were doing

Nero sues MPEG-LA
From my blog-post a few days ago based on source at OS-news.com

Everyone Patents Social Networking
Amazon, Facebook, Friendster and my grandma head for a multiple pile-up in court.

12.58 | GAMING:

Ed: Red Dead Redemption on X-Box 360 with heckling by Dave

Dave: World of Goo with heckling by himself

16.07 | EXPERT SPOT: Editing the Full Circle Podcast – Part 2: Recording

22.59 | FEEDBACK: How to get in touch with us

22.27 | WRAP and OUTRO

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  1. This want to correct something I said during this side-pod. I said that Red Dead Redemption is based off Gran Turismo 4 engine. I meant to say Grand Theft Auto 4.

    I always get those two mixed up!

  2. You guys are doing a very good job on both pod casts. I would like to give yu guys a big pat on the back for all the work you are doing. THANKS GUYS……

  3. This is purely constructive, I mean no offence but I’m finding it hard to listen to the podcasts (both Full Circle and the side-pod) because it sounds like it’s being read from a script. I don’t know if it is the case that you are reading word-for-word from a script or not but I think it needs to sound more natural.

    I really don’t want to stop listening but at the moment, I really can’t, sorry!

    The content, style etc is great (not fussed about the silly deep voice at the beginning of each segment though!)

  4. Scott, I am very surprised at your comment.

    I can 100% confirm that the main podcast is not produced using a script. Only a few show notes show we know what we need to talk about. We dont prep our debates/discussions. If anything, you can say our show is abit of mess than scripted. The uncut version is very poor. Thanks to the work of Robin, its a listen-able show.

  5. Scott: you really wouldn’t listen to the uncut versions of either show! How you think any of our discussions contain coherent thought, much less a script is beyond me…

    My Side-Pod pieces are from more structured show-notes which I edit down sometimes for blog-posts. When I get the time to record one topic solo, I can actually string a coherent sentence together! Side-pod #2, I didn’t have time to edit the news, you got the best edits of me rushing the fence with least faults.

    The only thing that is accurately scripted is Editing the Podcast. I ain’t doing that ‘off the cuff.’

    If I had Steve Jobs or Mark Shuttleworth’s presentation skills I would be doing more than the odd Podcast… RC

  6. Hi guys, Just want to say i really enjoy your podcasts, Started listen about 2 weeks ago, and now i almost have listen to every episode, from last to first heh, keep up the good work,
    Take care

  7. I just found you guys a couple of weeks ago as well. Great stuff, I’m working my way through back catalog of both the magazines and pod-casts.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

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