Full Circle Podcast #8: More Opinion Than You Can Handle

Full Circle Podcast #8: More Opinion Than You Can Handle


Full Circle Podcast #8: More Opinion Than You Can Handle
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In this episode, Dave and Ed argue about evolution… of  Ubuntu One and Lubuntu.

News: Mostly Maverick Development.

Games: Ed’s been reviewing Osmos, but playing on an X-Box;  Dave reviews a Nexus One Android phone.

Opinion: Why we need Lubuntu

Interview: Part I of the Lubuntu Project

Opinion: What services do we want in UbuntuOne

Keynote: Part II of Mark Shuttleworth’s keynote from UDS


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Show notes after the jump.

Your Hosts:

Additional audio by Victoria Pritchard

Show Notes

01.46 | WELCOME and INTRO


Ed: Got distracted by Red Dead Redemption by Rockstar Games on X-Box for the Side-Pod Review.

Dave: Played with the Nexus One smart-phone for this episode’s review.

Robin: We recorded and released a ‘Side-Pod’; sorry to the early birds who found the feed botched – my goof, now corrected. [RC]
Revamped the blog using some newer features.
Picked over the whole Google-TV hype
Failed to install FreeBSD

04.10 | REVIEW: We highlight Issue #37 of Full Circle Magazine.

  • Opinion – Helping NEw Users by Gord Campbell.
  • Review – Lubuntu 10.04 by Dan and Robin.
  • How-to – Media streaming by Phil Kramer.

06.38 | NEWS: Mostly Maverick development

18.19 | OUR OPINION – Lubuntu
Do we need another ‘Buntu distribution?
Harking back to the “How Many Distro’s is Too Many” question (also published in FCM Issue #18!)

Because Victoria asks so nicely…
25.30 | INTERVIEW: Lubuntu Team interview
In Part One, Mario Behling and Hong Phuc Dong introduce the Lubuntu Project

38.00 | OPINION: Ubuntu-One
What new services would you like to see next in Ubuntu One?

46.34 | GAMING:
Thanks to Hemisphere [link] for OSMOS [link] review copy [Ed]

47.18 | Not Gaming – Review of the Nexus One [Dave]
A transcript of Dave’s review piece is attached as an Open Office Document for the sake of your sanity.

53.15 | GUEST SPOT: Keynote – Mark Shuttleworth at UDS

Part 2: Indicators, Windicators, RGB client-side decorations (alpha-channel support), sound controls, multi-nationl support, Intel connection manager – Ethernet, Wifi, Wi-max,  bluetooth. Fonts.  Release of 10.10 is the answer – the meaning of life the universe and everything.
(Audio courtesy of Alan Pope)

Full speech (video): http://blip.tv/file/3601671

All UDS session audio and video:
Audio: http://uds.ubuntu.com/audio/uds-m
Video: http://videos.ubuntu.com/uds/maverick/

1:09.12 | FEEDBACK:

1:25.39 | WRAP and OUTRO

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  1. Great stuff guys. This is becoming one of my favorite podcasts. Keep up the great work!

  2. We received this reply via the email from Lubuntu Development lead Julien Lavergne:

    From: Julien Lavergne
    To: letters@fullcirclemagazine.org


    I’ll would like to thank you for the talk about Lubuntu. It’s nice to see people interesting in this project 🙂 I just would like to add some comments about this episode :

    About the need or not for another *buntu :
    There are already plenty of the *buntu flavor (Netbook editions, Studio, Mythbuntu, Edubuntu …). Check the http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/ for a complete list 🙂 I don’t think another one is a bad thing 🙂

    About the Lubuntu / Xubuntu :
    Lubuntu was not created to be a replacement of Xubuntu, or to be better than any *buntu.
    2 goals of Lubuntu are to :
    – Create a Ubuntu flavor based on the LXDE desktop.
    – Create a lightweight distribution using Ubuntu.

    The goal of Xubuntu is to be a full replacement of Ubuntu, using Xfce desktop. Lubuntu is a lightweight desktop, but not a full replacement. We focus on main features and performances. It’s also difficult to compare Xubuntu and Lubuntu. Xubuntu have more manpower, more features,
    more integration in Ubuntu etc … Xubuntu is also aware of the performance problem, I’m sure there are working on it, but it’s harder when you have a bigger community.

    About the confusion because of too much choice :
    Please keep in mind that most users just use Ubuntu, not other flavors 🙂 In those cases, it’s better to have more choices 🙂

    Chrome is not included, it’s Chromium, the open-source version 🙂

    On Lubuntu derivated, as long as they mention they are based on Lubuntu, it’s fine. If they can contribute patches back upstream, it’s better 🙂 For example, Peppermint devs send me a patch for inclusion in Lubuntu, and I was happy to include it. Like this, all Lubuntu users and all
    derivated gained a fix, and Peppermint devs doesn’t need to maintain this difference with us.

    Julien Lavergne

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