Full Circle Podcast #6: Mark’s Space Brain from the Future

Full Circle Podcast #6: Mark’s Space Brain from the Future


Full Circle Podcast #6: Mark’s Space Brain from the Future


In this, Steam-powered episode, those English guys are going to annoy what’s left of the Audience.

News: 10.04 Lucid Lynx Release, Ubuntu Manual, Indicators, Windicators, Facebook Docs and patent hysteria.

Opinion: We review Lucid.

Games: Ed is Steam-powered all the way and Dave picks some RPG’s.

Feedback: I get defensive over the feedback.

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Show notes after the jump.

Your Hosts:

Additional audio by Victoria Pritchard

Show Notes

01.15 | WELCOME and INTRO

06.08 | NEWS

* Ubuntu 10.04 Released! (http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download)

* Ubuntu Manual Released (http://ubuntu-manual.org/)

* Ubuntu’s Indicator Menus
(http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/347 &

*Preorder Ubuntu 10.04 ShipIt CDs

* Ubuntu 10.10 – Windicators!
(http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/05/windicators-ubuntu-meerkat-innovation.html &

* Facebook Docs powered by M$ Fuse Labs.

“Docs are similar to Microsoft’s Online Office Live product, with the ability to build Powerpoint, Excel and Word documents online” – not yet Google Docs but with M$ backing…?

(http://www.facebook.com/docs  and http://docs.com/)
IBM ‘reneagues’ on FOSS Patent Pledge – story not discussed in podcast – further links and rant by Catling in blog post:


…because Victoria asks so nicely!

23.05 | OPINION:
* Review of Ubuntu 10.04:

  • Favourite Features?
  • Hated Features?
  • Problems?
  • How did you upgrade?
  • Buttons, Left or Right?
  • Using Ubuntu One Music Store?
  • Using Pitivi?
  • GIMP or F-Spot?
  • Will you recommend Ubuntu to more people, because of this new release?
  • Is this the Best Release So Far?

* Side Note – System Requirements increased

38.45 | GAMING
* Steam coming to Linux!!! [Ed]

  • Value hired a Linux Software Engineer
  • Source engine coming to Linux
  • Linux libs in Left 4 Dead
  • Steam Mac Beta Installer has instructions for Linux OS

Osmo – Reviewing in Fcm 37

45.10 | RPGs [Dave]

Transcript of Dave’s RPG Game Review available as Open Office Document.
LxGC — Linux Gamers Codex

53.50 | FEEDBACK

Listener link provided to: UFO: Alien Invasion
UFO:AI is a 3d turn based strategy game inspired by the X-Com series by Microprose. (C) [Windows, Mac OS, Linux] [GPL2]

Dave and Ed’s extra link – Wormux for Linux:

1:03.07 | OUTRO

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  1. Thank you so much for the better sound quality it makes the podcast so much more listenable. The game section is great since this area is rarely covered on other linux podcasts (the other bits are good too, sort of).
    Keep it up!

    • Matthew; thanks for the feedback, Ed and Dave will be pleased we’re not whispering to the wind; comments are always good (sort of). RC [Robin Catling, Full circle Podcast]

  2. as always good podcast. ed:I very much agree with you on the nvidia drivers thing They suck. And while I’m on the subject why use open source vid drivers and use closed source mp3 codecs on ubuntu one? I would think that if ubuntu was going to do the open source thing that they would do it over the whole platform and not pick and choose.

  3. It’s me again.
    Despite my critisism of Dave’s fast-paced and far-away speaking, I love this show! You were the sole reason I got hooked on podcasts, and as of now I’m listening to quite a few different Linux-centered podcasts. But I’ll always come back here when there is a new podcast ready. 😉

    However, I would love to hear less news, more reviews and opinions, guests and interviews. If someone is that interested in Ubuntu so he/she listen to this podcast, chances are high he/she has read about most of the news anyway. But that’s just my opinion.

    And I’ll say it again: keep up the good work!

    P.S: Episode #3 was undoubtedly the best. Hard to refrain from LOL-ing all over the place! ;D

  4. An enjoyable and well presented podcast and always look forward to a new episode. Well done.

    I installed Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook Edition on my Dell Latitude 2100 and everything worked out of the box, no hardware issues at all. This is the best version I have used yet. It still refinement and polish here and there but it’s getting there.

    Graphics drivers? I don’t care if it’s open soure or not, I just want Ubuntu to work with peoples expensive graphics cards, otherwise they will go elsewhere.

    Window buttons on the left – I prefer it.

    Software Centre: an improvement, but much more work needs to be done here. Among other things I like to see graphics drivers available here as well.

    Me Menu and notification area: I like it. I would like to see configuration options, such as choosing your email client, etc Certainly can be improved.

  5. Hi,
    Good podcast. I’d only fix the 2 things that others have pointed out.
    1) The fast talking guy has to slow it down. I can’t understand him.
    2) Lose the deep voiced guy doing the intro’s to the different segments.

    Thanks for your work. TS

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