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Ubuntu 11.10 and Unity Special Edition

Something of an unusual Special Edition this time, it really is special in that little of this material has appeared in Full Circle Magazine before.

For this one, we’re out on a limb, running new articles, albeit on some familiar topics we’ve touched on, for example in the Q and A section of the magazine.

Ubuntu 11.10 and Unity Special Edition - cover

This is also the first not overseen by our esteemed Editor, Mr Tucker. You are now at the mercy of the demented genius usually in charge (if you can call it that) of the Full Circle Podcast. Try not to be too alarmed by the random mind of the man who brought you Mallard Man and Northern Star Trek. Normal service will be resumed shortly. Enjoy.

Robin Catling


Another Special Edition – this time, Scribus!

FCM reader Brian has pulled together my Scribus tutorials from the early issues of FCM and even added updated screenshots to it. So, if you’re thinking of creating a publication of any kind, you might want to check out this special edition.


Python Special Edition Volume 03

Full Circle Magazine – Python Special Edition Volume 03

The single-topic Special Editions continue with a reprint of the Python articles parts 17 through 21

Go get it from:

Note: the file-size for this edition is 18.3Mb


Surprise! Python Special Edition #02

Full Circle Magazine – Python Special Edition #02

This special edition is a reprint of the Python articles from FCM#09 – #16

Grab it from:

Many thanks to Robin (podcast) Catling for creating these with his PDF magick.


It’s here, the Python Special Edition #01!

Roll up, roll up! Try your hand at grappling with the mighty Python.

This is the first of (thus far) four Python Special Editions.

Special Edition (SE) 01 is simply a reprint of Parts 01 – 08 by Greg Walters.

Grab it while it’s sleeping!


Full Circle – Special Edition #01 – The Perfect Server

That’s right folks, we (ie: Robin Catling) managed to get all the pages from the Perfect Server articles into one handy dandy PDF!

Special Edition #01 - The Perfect Server

Yes, the cover looks familiar, but don’t worry, inside are many pages of Ubuntu 9.10 goodness.

DOWNLOAD: Full Circle – Special Edition #01 – The Perfect Server



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