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Full Circle Magazine #91 has arrived!

It’s here. The second to last issue of 2014.

This month:
* Command & Conquer
* How-To : Python, LibreOffice, and Managing Multiple Passwords With A Script
* Graphics : Inkscape.
* Linux Labs: Compiling a Kernel Pt 4 and Kodi Pt 2
* Review: Elementary OS
* Book Review: Web Development with MongoDB and Node.js
* Ubuntu Games: Borderlands 2
plus: News, Arduino, Q&A, and soooo much more.

We now have several issues available for download on Google Play/Books. If you like Full Circle, please leave a review.

AND: We have a Pushbullet channel which we hope will make it easier to automatically receive FCM on launch day.


Looking to download a run of issues? There’s a script for that…

Google+ user Kevin Lynch has made a quick script (updated by David Mawdsley) to download multiple issues:



echo -n "What is the issue number of the first Full Circle Magazine to
download? "
read firstissue

echo ""
echo -n "What is the issue number of the last Full Circle Magazine to
download? ( > or = the previous number) "
read lastissue

cd ~/Desktop  # ~ brings you to the home directory of the user and from
there I wanted to use my folder 'Desktop'

for a in `seq $firstissue $lastissue`
        wget -U Mozilla ""$a"_en.pdf"

echo ""
echo "Complete!"

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You can also read Full Circle online via Google Play/Books

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Full Circle is a free, independent, monthly magazine dedicated to the Ubuntu family of Linux operating systems. Each month, it contains helpful how-to articles and reader submitted stories.

Full Circle also features a companion podcast, the Full Circle Podcast, which covers the magazine along with other news of interest.