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Full Circle - the independent magazine for the Ubuntu Linux community are proud to announce the release of our ninety-ninth issue. This month: * Command & Conquer * How-To...

 uNAV is a turn-by-turn GPS navigation for the Ubuntu Touch OS. It is 100% GPL, and powered by OpenStreetMap and OSRM. "I could show you...

Here's a quick video (from Ronnie) on how to colourise a black and white (b&w) photo in GIMP.

Using KDE Plasma 5 is awesome. What's not so awesome is when it's kio-MTP keeps crashing on me. This means I can't connect any...

Canonical Ltd., the Ubucon Germany 2015 team, and the UbuContest 2015 team, are happy to announce the first UbuContest today! We are excited to...

The idea behind this video is to show Ubuntu equivalents for my most used Android apps. Ubuntu apps shown: Google+ YouTube Gmail/Photos/Calendar/Drive HERE / OSMtouch Camera Udropcabin File Manager CuteSpotify Honourable Mentions: OSMtouch Telegram EDIT: The small...

  Full Circle - the independent magazine for the Ubuntu Linux community are proud to announce the release of our ninety-eighth issue. This month: * Command & Conquer * How-To : Conky...

Well, you need to show you're up for the challenge of owning an Ubuntu phone. From tomorrow today you'll be able to buy the Meizu MX4,...

A quick look at how to use an Ubuntu phone.

Specs: * 5.36-inch smartphone * eight-core MediaTek MT6595 SoC (modified by Meizu) * 2GB RAM * 16GB of built-in storage * 20.7 megapixel rear camera * 2 megapixel front camera *...


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