The Full Circle Podcast needs Panelists!

Saluton Amikojn! (Esperanto for Hello Friends!)

In order to encourage discussion on the topics, and to keep me company whilst recording, I am looking for a group of co-hosts for our panel. Podcasting experience isn’t necessary (although it is helpful), but if you have a passion for *buntu topics, are a positive and opinionated person, then we want your application!

Email your applications to podcast [AT] We can’t wait to have you on the show!

PS: Podcast related topics will be discussed at the next General Meeting. If you are interested, please attend if you can. I’m sure that Ron would like some company ;)

EDIT: Hi guys.  We have plenty of applications at the present time.  I have responded to those who have sent emails, and some of those guys will be on Episode 10 of The Penguin Central Podcast.  Thank you for your quick response!


Hello Everyone…

Hi guys. I am Matthew Rossi, and I will be the host of The Full Circle Podcast.

Now, I’m assuming that we all can’t wait for Episode 1 to come out, right?

You will find out more about the Podcast in Issue #7 of Full Circle.  It will be released on the 30th.

Do you have ideas for the show? Then check out our Ubuntu Wiki Page. There is a section called IdeasTank where you can place your suggestions as detailed on the page.

Questions? They can go to

Want to see my other webpages? Go to my claimID which lists every last one of them.

Want to learn more about me? Check out my Ubuntu Wiki bio.

I can’t wait to bring you Episode 1, this will be fantastic. Thank you for adopting me into the Full Circle community

Gxis la revido!
(Esperanto for ‘See you Later!’)

Matthew Rossi
Host, Full Circle Podcast


And the winner is…

Matthew from Penguin Central!

Matthew will be producing the Full Circle Podcast. No release date as yet but once we know more, we’ll post here and send out an email to all blog members to let you know when episode #1 comes out so if you haven’t registered yet… shame on you!  :)

Congratulations to Matthew, welcome to the team!


Downloading issues

There seems to be some comments saying how difficult it is to download an issue of Full Circle, I’d just like to clarify this:

  1. Click the Download tab at the top of the page
  2. Click the Issue you would like to download
  3. Click the language you would like to download.

Easy as that. :)


Open Font Library Interview

On page 21 of the latest issue, we mention we have the full interview with John Philips here on our website.

Head on over to this page to read the full interview.

Thanks for reading! :)


Issue 6 is OUT!

Issue 6 - English

Full Circle #6 is out!


* Step-by-Step Ubuntu Feisty > Gutsy upgrade
* How-To : Run Photoshop plugins in GIMP, Set up Samba and Scribus pt.6.
* Top 5 – Racing Games.
* Interview with John Philips (Open Font Library).
* Letters, Q&A, MyDesktop and more!

Get it while it’s hot!

Oh, and remember, 5 more days until the podcast deadline!


Podcast Proposal Deadline

There are only twelve days left for the Full Circle podcast proposal!

Head on over to the thread on UbuntuForums and take a look!


O’Reilly – Whats New in Ubuntu 7.10

Brian DeLacey, from O’Reilly Media, has written an excellent article about what’s new in Ubuntu 7.10 and has kindly given Full Circle a mention so head over to his article, have a read and give the man a Digg!


Want to write for Full Circle?

typewriter We are always in need of How-To articles for Full Circle. If you would like to contribute to the magazine by writing a How-To then the first thing to do is read through our guidelines.

Now that you’ve done that you need to get writing! Stuck for ideas? Well have a look at this piece on our Ubuntu wiki page which lists some ideas that have not been written about as yet.

So your article is written, now what? Well that’s easy; simply attach your article text, and any images, to an email addressed to:

Easy as that!


Announcement Emails

There has been a slight change in our announcement system for updates and new issues. Because of our web host’s bulk mailing policy, we’ve changed our software. If you were previously subscribed, you will get a re-confirmation email from us.  If you have already subscribed, there will be no change to your subscription unless you don’t reconfirm. 

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can now with the form on the right side of this page.

Thanks! :)

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