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First Details Of The Ubuntu Phone

Straight from the good people at Canonical:

Ubuntu PhoneThe user experience for smartphones has revolved around apps and its icon grid since the very first iPhone. Key mobile services on iOS and Android are delivered via apps in a fragmented manner and controlled by platform owners such as Google, Apple and Microsoft, which has put OEMs and Operators into a secondary role.

Users deserve a richer, faster and unfragmented experience built around the things they do most on their devices.

With the Ubuntu phone we are moving away from the app grid towards integrated content and services. And we do this by providing a user experience that is centered on bringing the key mobile digital life services directly to the screen, which at the heart we call ‘scopes.’

Scopes are a way of delivering unified experiences for various service categories, front and centre to the user, without hiding them behind a sea of apps and app icons. They are created via a simple UI toolkit with much lower development and maintenance costs than apps. There are two types of scopes – aggregation and branded.

Aggregation scopes define the device’s default experience and what makes Ubuntu phones valuable to end users. They allow OEMs and Operators to create a user experience that is unique to their devices such as the NearBy scope that aggregates local services centered around what you’re doing. We’ll go into more detail on the other aggregated scopes in an upcoming Phone Glimpse mailer.

Branded scopes are app like experiences delivered directly to the screen, fully branded. Discoverable through the default store, from a feed in an aggregation scope, or as a favourited default screen. A faster way for developers to build a rich and easier to access branded experience on a device.


Everyone likes graphs. Right?

If you follow FCM on Google+. Facebook, or Twitter (if not, why not?) then you’ll have seen the post I (Ronnie) made showing our current Google Play stats.

This time I’d like to share with you our Issuu stats:



Full Circle is one of the top ten downloads in Nov. 2011!

Full Circle fills four of the ten spots in the Software Centre’s top downloads for November 2011.

Software Centre Top10 Nov. 2011

Software Centre Top10 Nov. 2011


Thank you all!


Help The Graner Family

From Rikki Kite at Linux Magazine:

My friend and colleague, Amber Graner, lost her home to a fire this week. Luckily, the family wasn’t in the house at the time and no one was injured. Pete and Amber were at UDS, the kids were with relatives, and the dog was rescued from the fire.

Even if you have home-owner’s insurance, the immediate expenses add up as you scramble to get some necessities, including clothing, toiletries, food, and new housing. The Graner family is well-known in the open source community, and many of their colleagues and friends have expressed a desire to help them get back on their feet. I created a page for anyone who would like to chip in to help the Graner Family get some clothes and other necessities:

Every little bit helps.

Amber helps with the Ubuntu Weekly News and writes the Ubuntu News (among other things) in Full Circle. If you can, please donate something to Amber’s Chip-In page. As Rikki said, every little helps.

The next issue of FCM will be released when the contributions to the Graner fund rise.

Please donate, either that or something ‘nasty’ may happen to the next issue!


Ubuntu Gamer

After a low-key start, the boys have publicly declared the new Ubuntu Gamer site open for business.

You will know Ed Hewitt‘s work from Full Circle’s Ubuntu Games column and from the Full Circle Podcast, whilst Tommy Brun is himself a game developer.

So, why should you visit Ubuntu Gamer? Well, they have…

  • The latest gaming news, videos and screenshots
  • Game and hardware reviews
  • Editorial pieces about gaming on Ubuntu, and more widely, Linux
  • Downloads for free games
  • The latest previews and beta testing of Ohso games
  • Special offers and competitions for discounts on paid games


Issue 13, out now

Lucky number 13!  Issue 13 is out now.

This month:

  • Flavor of the Month – Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron.
  • How-To : Organize an Ubuntu Demo Day/Party, TV Feast for Ubuntu, Using GIMP Part 2, Create Your Own Server Part 5 and Automatic Backup via Email.
  • My Opinion – What is Web 2.0?
  • MOTU Interview – Luca Falavigna
  • Letters, Q&A, MyDesktop, Top5 and more!

Download it here.


Full Circle Gameathon!

So here’s the plan:

  • I post Ronnie’s idea and take all the credit for it 😀
  • You guys come up with a selection of free and open source online games that we could play.
  • After a week or so, or after we have enough ideas, I’ll post again (on our forum) with a poll so we can vote for a game.
  • Once we have decided on a game, we’ll find a victim kind person to host a Full Circle tournament, then come up with some rules.
  • We’ll set up a leaderboard, and we can compete for the title of “Full Circle Gamer of the Month” (or a better title if you can come up with one).
  • The person that is leading at the time of the magazines release will be crowned with the monthly title we decide on.
  • At the end of the year, the person that has won the most months will get “Full Circle Gamer of the Year”!

We may also rotate the game each month, or every couple of months, depending on how it goes. If we do this we’ll create a new poll so a new Game can be decided on.

Put your game idea on this post here on our forum… 

Let the games BEGIN!  😀


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! A special thanks to all of our readers, developers, contributors, writers, editors, and everyone else who has made Full Circle Magazine possible. Again, thank you!



Upcoming Events Calendar

We’ve created a Google Calendar with upcoming Full Circle-related events (and a few Ubuntu-related ones, too). You can hop on over to to take a look or add us if you have a Google account. All times will be in UTC, so you will need to add/take hours as necessary.


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