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Issue 16 is out!

Sorry, small typo in the Create Your Own Ubuntu article. The repository listed as:

deb remastersys/

should actually be:

deb remastersys/

This month:

  • Command and Conquer – Creating And Moving Files.
  • How-To: Create Your Own Ubuntu, Create Your Own Server Part 8, Using GIMP Part 5 and GNOME-Look Guide.
  • My Story – Out With The New, In With The Old
  • My Opinion – GNOME And KDE Themes
  • MOTU Interview – Jamie Strandboge
  • Top 5 – Twitter Clients
A small side note: we’re only on our sixteenth issue and we’re nearing one hundred translations!  A gigantic-sized thanks to all of our translators!
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Open Font Library Interview

On page 21 of the latest issue, we mention we have the full interview with John Philips here on our website.

Head on over to this page to read the full interview.

Thanks for reading! :)


Issue 6 is OUT!

Issue 6 - English

Full Circle #6 is out!


* Step-by-Step Ubuntu Feisty > Gutsy upgrade
* How-To : Run Photoshop plugins in GIMP, Set up Samba and Scribus pt.6.
* Top 5 – Racing Games.
* Interview with John Philips (Open Font Library).
* Letters, Q&A, MyDesktop and more!

Get it while it’s hot!

Oh, and remember, 5 more days until the podcast deadline!


Interview: Colin Watson, Ubuntu developer

Communications Manager – MrMonday – has lined us up an interview with Colin Watson, Installer Team Leader, Ubuntu Community Council Member and Line Manager for half the Ubuntu distro team.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask Colin, please email your question(s) to:

Closing date for questions will be Sunday 15th July.

For some info on Colin:
Colin’s Wiki page

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