Raspberry Pi Cookbook

A cookbook for raspberry pie – what could be more logical? But only if you spell it Raspberry Pi.
Raspberry Pi is the computing sensation of the decade. It is small, cheap and capable of being used for general purpose tasks as well as embedded computing. It isn’t quite disposable computing but it gets very close.
In principle it is just a Linux ARM based computer and as such it probably doesn’t need a book dedicated to it, but not everyone knows Linux. What is more not everyone who knows Linux knows about the Linux software that lets you get access to the Raspberry Pi’s special hardware. What this means is that even an expert can find themselves wondering how to do some task or other. One alternative is to look it up on the web and, given the size of the Raspberry Pi community, this often works, but the information you find can be of variable quality in terms of both its presentation and how fresh it is. Another alternative is to buy a copy of this cookbook which provides information in a “you want to do this – then read this” sort of format.

About the Author: Arnfried Walbrecht

state-certified engineer in process automation and energy technology tech- savvy Japan aficionado and I also f***ing love science

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