Inkscape Special Edition Volume 02

Full Circle Magazine – Inkscape Special Edition Volume 02

Continuing our Inkscape series by Mark Crutch, all budding artists can work through the features of this immensely capable vector graphics application in our compilation of Inkscape series Parts 8-14, from issues through 74.

Special Edition - Inkscape Volume 1 cover
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Note: the file-size for this edition is 4.6Mb

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  • Bummer! Instead of Inkscape part 13 we’ve got LibreOffice part 26…

  • Hi,
    Pages 22-24 in this PDF (issueS02_en.pdf) are the LibreOffice article from issue #73 – not the intended “Inkscape – part 13″ from the same issue.

  • Hi team, hi Robin,

    unfortunately, part 13 has not been included in this special edition.

    Instead of, on pages 22 to 24 you can read the how-to ‘LibreOffice Pt26: Formulas In Writer’. In issue 73, the LibreOffice how-to is on pages 11 to 13, the Inkscape how-to part 13 is on pages 26-28.

    Regards, Mark

  • The given link does point to volume one of the Inkscape special.

  • Has anybody actually looked at the Inkscape special edition volume 2? Part 13 has been replaced by LibreOffice Pt26…

  • The image link pionts to volume_one not volume_two

    Best wishes,


  • Bummer! Still missing Inkscape Part 13.

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