LibreOffice Special Edition Volume 02

Full Circle Magazine – LibreOffice Special Edition Volume 02

The LibreOffice series continues…

We continue our assembly of Elmer Perry’s LibreOffice series in this, Volume 2.

Here is a straight reprint of the series ‘Libre Office’, Parts 8-16 from issues #53 through #63, which the observant among you will note is not an unbroken run. Fear not, you are missing nothing: Elmer took a couple of issues off.

Special Edition - LibreOffice Volume 2 cover
Go get it from: http://fullcirclemagazine.org/libreoffice-special-edition-volume-two/

Note: the file-size for this edition is 8.3Mb

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About the Author: Robin Catling

Freelance project manager; performer; writer; sports coach; all-round eccentric.

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  • It’s amazing to collect( how to ) in one issue
    each in separate one

  • Sorry guys but there is a problem with your link – it is going to Volume 1 not 2.
    Could you please fix link.

    On the other hand keep up the great work… love reading every issue.

    From Downunder – Australia!

  • To do with my last comment: there a a few of your links to Volume 2 – Libre Office are going to Volume 1.

    Found one that did go were it should!!!!!!!

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