Python Special Edition Volume 04

Full Circle Magazine – Python Special Edition Volume 04

The single-topic Special Editions continue with a reprint of the Python articles parts 22 through 26

Go get it from: http://fullcirclemagazine.org/python-special-edition-issue-four/

Note: the file-size for this edition is 16.8Mb

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About the Author: Robin Catling

Freelance project manager; performer; writer; sports coach; all-round eccentric.

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  • Wonderful job putting all these special editions together. Is there a plan to have them converted to ePub?

  • If you want to see how popular python is, just look at the software on dotdeb.com. Almost all of them are done in python.

    • Sorry, the link was indeed broken, but it works now. :)

  • Want to thank again. I’m gettin the basic in Python and sure this pdfs will help to improve my skills in this programin language, thanks!!

  • The articles are translated in regular issues, but is a translation on the special issues available ?

  • Where is the source code? The issue repeatedly refers to a web address: http://www.thedesignatedgeek.com to download the source code but that website is about male impotence or something. Searches on ‘full circle’, ‘python’, and ‘programming’ return no results. Maybe Full Circle could just host the code in these articles because the compilation is kind of pointless without it.

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