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I know we’ve spoke about a mobile/epub version of Full Circle before, but I have good news! Our latest team member, Jens, is working on an epub edition of FCM which I previewed on our Facebook and Google+ pages. It’s looking good so far, and I hope to have more to show you on that next week some  time.

In the mean time, think of Full Circle Magazine Lite as a quick beta test edition of FCM to read on tablets and mobile phones. The first edition (FCM#56) is available through Google Currents, and app that you can download either from the Android Market*, or the Apple App Store.

Don’t expect any images, the idea of this edition is to keep things to a bare minimum, fast to download, and something to keep your going until you get your PDF fix. If you think I should definitely put images in it, let me know. It’s something I may do, but I don’t want this to turn bloated and slow down your device.

All the articles from FCM#56 are there, minus My Desktop. I didn’t include it as without the images the text is pretty pointless! In future Lite editions I’ll maybe include some images, we’ll see how you folks respond to it. And please do respond, I need to know whether you folks like it or not. I don’t want to waste my time outputting an edition no one likes, or uses.

* PLEASE NOTE: Google Currents is available only in the US, as I write this, but using a bit of Google skills you might be able to find an APK of it that will work outside of the US [hint hint].

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About the Author: Ronnie Tucker

I'm the founder, and editor, of Full Circle magazine. Also, a self taught artist, official Ubuntu member and I've been using Linux exclusively (in one form or another) for over five years now.

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  • I wish it would be available on Kindle too :)

    • Once Jens gets the epub edition done we can easily convert it to mobi for Kindle. :)

    • Me too !
      maybe some guy who knows well Calibre e-book manager may create what they call a “recipe”, so it would be downloadable as a kind of electronic magazine. To get a view on this, try Calibre and into News choose any feed to understand what I mean.

  • How i can find it in Google Currents?

  • I have a nook and would prefer to side-load the .epub file, rather than be tied into the google thingy.

    • Don’t worry, we’ll still be releasing an epub and mobi.

  • Can’t find it. What category is it under? The app doesn’t seem to have a search for new subscriptions.

    • It’s listed under ‘Science & Tech’. Click the ‘+’ icon to add a feed then at the top of the list is ‘Search’.

  • The problem is, that “Google Current” is only available in the US at the moment. Is there another way to get this epub version?

    • If you search the Internet you’ll be able to find a UK friendly APK file to install.

  • Awesome a ebook reader friendly edition would please me majorly, please no or very few pics!
    Thanks a lot for your effort

  • Ronnie we have an iPad2 and the regular PDF works just fine. I didn’t see FCM in the Apple Store, so I take it that it hasn’t been released. Anyway iPad2 owners can just go and download the PDF complete with photos. When I switch sideways it still looks good.

  • Seems like something is broken here. When I try to add the feed for Lite! – Full Circle Magazine it is added to my library then all of a sudden it changes to Comments on Full Circle Magazine & all I have is a list of comments that you see above. Not all that interesting to read only that!

  • It’s a ver great edition and i enjoy it in my tablet, thanks a lot.

  • Why on Google Current?! Why it’s not freely available on the web site?

  • I fink the text’s better linearized like mobile web pages and code snippet shall be removed, but provided as downloadable entity, so that they won’t interfere with good things on small sreens :) I guess images won’t be a bad idea, ‘cuz I see some zines are full of images as big as elephants. Anyway, thanks for bringin’ FCM to teh Currents, bruv!

  • i cant find it… what exactly do i have to search in the currents app? which feed do i have to subscribe to?

    • The Google Currents links are on the download pages for FCM#55 and #56 PDF’s.

  • I look forward to the epub version for my Sony Reader. Personally I would still like to see the photos. You could keep the speed up by resizing the images to something more appropriate for an ebook reader or tablet.

    • The epub and mobi files will still have some images in them, but not as many as the PDF as otherwise the epub/mobi file will slow down your reader.

  • I would definitely like to have images. As Geoff suggested, a smaller size image would be nice. The differentiating factor for a magazine from any other book is its images. So it will be nice if you can put them.


  • I fink the text’s better linearized like mobile web pages and code snippet shall be removed, but provided as downloadable entity, so that they won’t interfere with good things on small

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