Full Circle Podcast #12: Dave’s Nocturnal Desires

Full Circle Podcast LogoFull Circle Podcast #12: Dave’s Nocturnal Desires

In this episode, those Meerkats go Maverick. We look over Ubuntu 10.10.

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Show notes after the jump.

Your Hosts:

Additional audio by Victoria Pritchard

Show Notes

02:00 | WELCOME and INTRO


  • Ed’s been playing Fifa 11 (which is a football game – that’s soccer to our American friends)
  • Took delivery of a new Phone – HTC Wildfire (Robin is still awaiting his…)
  • Installed  Maverick
  • Dave has been promoted (in the military, not advertised on a billboard)
  • wrote his own saga whilst upgrading to Maverick
  • Robin has upgraded from 10.10 RC to final – which nVidia promptly broke in the graphics department.

12:04 | Review Issue #41 of Full Circle Magazine

  • RC: Command and Conquer –  fdisk and finding files in Ubuntu.
  • Lucas Virtualbox series moves onto virtualising FreeBSD.
  • Interview – Leanne Ogasawara – what a release manager does.
  • Dave: Top 5 Ways to run Windows apps.

14:41 | News

24:49 | Opinion

  • Windows Phone 7 (Windows-Mobile-Phone-Series-7-Phone-thing) vs. Android. Guess which one we like…

27:41 | Opinion

  • Ubuntu Maverick Questions! [Section taken by Ed]
  • Favourite New Features?
  • Hated New Features/Changes?
  • Problems?
  • How did you upgrade?
  • Using Shotwell or Gimp?
  • Like the new font?
  • Like the new installer?
  • Recommend to more users?
  • Best release so far?
  • Any other thoughts…

46:16 | Contribute

46:51 | Feedback: Your comments and emails

57:25 | Send us feedback: since Victoria continues to ask so nicely

58:00 | Outro and Wrap

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About the Author: Robin Catling

Freelance project manager; performer; writer; sports coach; all-round eccentric.

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  • G’day guys. And yes I am Australian (From Melbourne to be exact). Have listened to all your podcasts & enjoyed them. It’s a shame with the Maverick release you didn’t talk / comment about the new netbook UNE release (Unity interface). Looking forward to the side podcast with Android phone’s as I’m considering purchasing one (HTC Desire Z). Keep up the good work. Cheers Glenn

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